Monday, December 10, 2012

polar Express

A house here in lindon (string town) does a mini version of the polar express.  We took the kids on Saturday. It is just a family (a big one) that runs it and it is all volunteer/donation based.  You get on a list online and they let you know when you can come.  They called on Saturday and said they had space at 8:51 pm.  Pheeww that was super late for our family but we wanted to go so bad we made it work.  Because we went so late we were the only people in our group (which isn't usually the case, they told us that we were their smallest group ever.)  It was fun to have the whole place to ourselves.  We waited for our train while watching the polar express.  

Cute little dude giving us the rules.  (that is the train behind him)

I was smiling the whole time.  I loved it. 

We rode a train around a bunch of lights with music and ended up at the north pole, they even had a ton of little elves (played by the grandchildren). 

We went in and sat on Santa's lap. 

Oliver asked Santa for a Nerf gun. 

Henry asked Santa for a Woody Buitar.  My mom gave Henry a Woody (from toy story) Guitar ornament.  He can't think about anything else. 
 here he is with the woody buitar. 

Rob didn't ask Santa for anything because he wouldn't go near him.  

That boy. 

Afterwards Santa told us about the true meaning of Christmas....then he had us sing silent night. 

Our family. 

We then got back on the train and they had Hymns playing and we say the a nativity and then there were tons of pictures of Jesus and his life on earth.  It was awesome.  The kids were silent.  I loved it and so did our kids. 

On our way back to the car.  Oh...we also got bells. 

We stopped at Kneaders for a little treat on the way home. 

We are trying really hard to make Christmas more about the season than just Christmas morning.  It was so much fun to do something together.  


Angelique said...

That looks awesome. And it sure is cute with those 4 boys all around you.

Ike and Linh Earl said...

Ashley, I love that you are blogging!! I totally agree that its way easier to instagram! wah wah. But I'm loving all the photos and updates!

Christensen's said...

Love the picture of Henry sipping from his cup. Your kids are so big!