Monday, December 10, 2012

Theo turned 1

So Theo turned 1 on Thanksgiving.  I didn't do anything for his birthday.  No party, no cake.  Boohoo.  

I did however love him, and snuggle him, and think about the day/month of his birth.  I squeezed him when ever he came near and was truly grateful for him.  We are all grateful for him.  He has changed our lives forever.  He is our little miracle.  You can't look at him without remembering that.  Really I think his birthday was perfect.  He spent the day eating pumpkin pie of anyones plate that would give him a bite.  He crawled around surrounded by all of his Earl family.  He loved all of the Thanksgiving food.  

The next morning we sat as a family in my bed and he opened up a package from his Grandma Berta and Grandpa Bob, a ball toy and a fake cell phone...perfect.  My parents gave me cash and I bought him some much needed winter clothes.  (all of my other babies were wearing 24 month clothes by now...theo is barely in 12 month)

The next day we went swimming with all the cousins.  What more can a 1 year old ask for. He was in HOG heaven.  Cortney took his gopro and we got some cuuute shots of this little guy. 

This is taken from under water.  I love his teeth.  I love how happy he looks.  This is how he looked the entire time we were there.

On the 26th I took him to his 1 year appointment. 

His stats. (my favorite part)
Length 29.25 inches 25.28% (he is a shortie...what?)
weight 20.44 lbs  34.82 %
head 18.3 inches 62% 

He is growing up.  My baby (most likely my last) is 20 pounds.  BOOOHOOO.  

 I love henry's photography.  (he took all of these doctor appointment ones except the one where I am holding the phone.)

I spend a lot of time with these two dudes.  They are getting to be great friends and play way more than Oli and Rob did.  

I have said on here that Theo flicks things.  I need to post a video but he used to flick everything.  The wall, his bottle, your shoe, your phone.  Everything.  He doesn't anymore and it kind of makes me sad. At first it made me worried because it was so strange, now it is gone.   For the first time ever I am not ready for this guy to grow up. 

He is so good.  He sleeps all night, takes good long naps (he is still taking 2 but is close to just going down for 1).  He is my best kid at the store. My best baby.  He just sits there quiet as can be.  He just started clapping. 

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