Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Road to Recovery

Before I can get pregnant I have to go off all of my wonderful meds for my Rheumatoid arthritis.  So I spend about a year and a half not feeling as good as usual.  

This time I had an insurance change and needed to get on a new health plan.  Luckily for me Utah has a health pool for people who are "uninsurable" like me.  I have been trying to get the insurance thing figured out since Theo was born...but it takes a long time...and I wasn't working on it as valiantly as I should have.  

Anywho...I have been feeling horrible.  Worse than I have in years.  I haven't been this bad since Robbie was born.  

The good news is today I got a package of beautiful enbrel filled syringes.  I COULDN'T be happier.  Honestly, this stuff changes my life.  Cortney stuck me in the stomach the second I got them (for some reason this time I didn't get the injection pens...just syringes.)...and I just know that by tomorrow morning I will already be feeling better.  

My new insurance pays 0% before I reach a 5000 dollar deductible.  These babies are somewhere around 1600 dollars a month.  However the company has an assistance program so today I paid 10 dollars.  Not only that but the money they help with goes to my deductible.  

So happy.  

Life is good. 

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