Friday, April 06, 2012

Yeah, I had a birthday a while back.

So we didn't really celebrate my birthday this year.  No presents, no fuss.  It was actually the day of CJ's we spent the day watching kids and going to the funeral.  Mostly we spent the day grateful to have another day together.  

After the funeral we were together with some parts of my family and we decided to try and make it down to happy sumo for some half price sushi.  We went at 9 pm, and had to wait an hour so it was a late dinner. But it was my favorite...and a birthday tradition for me.  I went all out and ordered 3 rolls all for myself and dessert too.  It was really fun....and nice to relax and unwind after a pretty stress filled weekend.  

 Linh sent me these pictures...So she isn't in any of them.  :(

 It was a delicious fun night.  I love eating.  I love this picture because we don't know Linh is taking it we are all engrossed in our food.  yummmmm. 

Yay..I had a cell phone picture with linh in it.  

Hmmmmm 32 feels pretty old. 

Now continuing my trend of only updating with cell phone pictures...
 Grace holding Theo...he looks huge!!
How sweet are they??  She fed him a whole bottle. 

The other day Henry came running up the stairs saying "fire! FIRE! fire!"  Cortney ran to investigate.  Sure enough there was a fire.  The little stinker stuck a fork in the outlet.  Luckily the breaker flipped right away and he wasn't hurt.  YIKES.   The boys is crazy.   (yeah I did that when I was little too...Like mother like son.)


Supercords said...

Happy Birthday Ash! Looks like a fun night. American sushi is waaay better than Japanese sushi. I miss my Caterpillar roll.

Gords said...

Good thing that fork had a plastic handle. The poor kid could have gotten a jolt. Loves that he came running to tell Mom and Dad. What a cutie.

Kimmy said...

I hope I at least wished you a happy birthday on facebook! Looks like a fun night with the family.

We need to get together soon! Elsie keeps asking about Rob.

Linh and Ike said...

Ashley! I love the first picture with your huge smile!! :) it was my favorite!! so....we got april's coupon can we go again?!? That was a good night! Thank goodness everything was okay with Henry, gotta love that boy!! :)

Angelique said...

It looks like Joey doesn't have any legs in the picture with Linh. :/