Saturday, December 03, 2011

taking pictures of a preemie is hard...

like really really hard.  Not that Theo is really a preemie...but he is small.   For some reason too...our babies NEVER will sleep through a photo shoot.   This was a lot of work.  We had to heat the house real warm too...because he isn't supposed to be out and about with no clothes on.  Cortney and I were sweating. We did manage to get some cute pictures regardless of how hard it was to get them.  All three of us were exhausted when we were done.  

I was trying to rub his forehead so his worry lines would go away.  Haha.  I love how small he looks next to my tiny hand. 

Worried baby. 

He smiles all the time.  Not real smiling but when he is sleeping he is always making this happy face.  I absolutely adore it. 

We should have put more of a contrasting color under him...but I wanted to show how small he is with this leaf.  

I gave him a little break and he went right to sleep.  

Oliver is such an artist.  He dreams of getting something in the friend.  This is a picture of him getting baptized. 

Henry is going through a stage right now where he won't wear clothes.  He takes them off and throws a MAJOR tantrum if we get him dressed. 

Love this foot sticking out at the bottom. 

A beautiful blanket my aunt Gail made when I had Oliver.  One of my favorite things. 

Theo's onsie says little brother.  

Look at this chubby guy jump.  He loves that he got his clothes off.  To get the clothes back on I had to say, Don't you want to go get a doughnut?  Luckily he forgot about the doughnut later.

He looks just like his mama when he has this look on his face. 

"boys rule"  I had to get a quick shot of him in this outfit.  When I saw it I knew I had to have it with my 4 boys now...this is my new motto.  Isn't it just adorable??

Look at that bum. (this baby does not want to be on his tummy.  AT ALL. 

I had to include these because you can really tell how small he is when there is someone else in the picture. 


Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures guys. good work. I love the last one with you Ash. And I love the colored one on the cake stand. and Henry does not look like a baby anymore! Sweet baby Theo. Daishan

Samantha said...

Ash so many things I want to comment! Theo is so mini! And man, those pictures with Henry and Theo are crazy. They make Henry look like a giant. When those babies come out so small it's crazy. And those worried eyebrows. He's adorable and mini.

Angelique said...

Love the boys rule shirt. I need to see him before he gets any bigger but I'm waiting until I'm completely better.

Sherry Ward said...

These are BEAUTIFUL!

{natalie} said...

he has the tiniest little chicken legs! don't worry i'm sure he will chub up really soon. add was like a bird and then turned into the most massive thigh-ed girl you've ever seen. he is adorable and i love the one of him all swaddled up. and wow henry looks like a big kid now with theo next to him. you are an awesome mama, ash.

duke of earl said...

these pictures are fantastic. Especially like the ones with the leaf, and the ones with Henry...

Cindy said...

Good job, guys.

Isaac and Linh said...

super cute pictures! I miss him already!
and ps i totally hope oli gets a his art in the friend magazine!