Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Yesterday was my due date.  Instead I have now had Theo 22 days (and it is still hard for me to call him Theo...for some reason he is Henry to me...just like Henry was Rob forever). I always miss being pregnant.  I think really I am always just sad that the exciting part is over.  There really is nothing quite as exciting as delivering a is as good as it gets for a mom.

Today Theo gets circumcised.  He hasn't been big enough for the procedure.  I have NEVER been to a kids circumcision and now today I have to take all my kids (minus Oli) with me to get it done.  That sounds pretty horrible.


{natalie} said...

hey ash, hope the circumcision went ok. no fun to have everyone with you.

i can't get over how tiny theo is. he is adorable.

i hope oil's eye heals up quickly. pink eye is the worst.

ps. we have watched the griswolds twice with our kids this year. i'm kinda feeling like a crappy parent now. whoops.

Amy said...

I agree...birth day is my favorite day! I hate when it's over. I feel that way even having c sections. I'm so happy things worked out for you and you didn't need one :) Tell Cort hi

Cindy said...

O O O O H.

I did that once with one of my boys. He did bad, but I did worse. And yes, I had all 3 of the other kids with me. It's been 25 years and I still can see it all in my mind perfectly.

Hope things are much better today!