Thursday, June 02, 2011


On Monday we went over to our friend's Jeff and Jen's for a BBQ. We had a great time until Henry walked into the kitchen and puked like 5 times. He was green. Then he went back and forth between barfing and pooping (sorry) for the rest of the time we were there. By the time we left he was nearly naked. This is the first time he has been sick like this and he hasn't liked it very much. Poor baby. Luckily he didn't throw up on the carpet, mostly he got the kitchen floor and Cortney. We should have left the second he threw up but everyone was telling us to stay...haha. It was crazy.

A horrible blurry picture of henry on the way home. He looked spent.

Since then he has just had horrible diarrhea I don't even know what to do. Poor thing.

Last night Oliver and J ack had a game. I left early with Rob and the girls because Henry had had it...I snapped this adorable picture of all three holding hands with my phone while carrying a SOBBING, leaking diaper, 28 lb baby.


Then last night Rob started saying his stomach hurt. He was sick all night doing the pretty much the same that Henry had all week.

The only thing worse then being sick pregnant, is being sick pregnant with 2 sick children. Luckily, Cortney helped me almost all night (and man he is paying for it today, he isn't used to being up so much in the night).

We had the dance festival (which I didn't get any pictures yesterday. Both my boys did so awesome and made me so happy. Robbie's teachers told me when they asked him why he was doing so good he said "my mom said if I didn't do good I would be grounded for 3 weeks". Haha. I did tell him he would be grounded if he didn't do it. Because he can be like that.

Today was Rob's preschool graduation. I had him go but had him sit by me instead of going up to perform. He was so sad to be sick. He sang me all the songs from the audience. It has been such a good year and he has such amazing teachers I was almost crying the whole time. So proud of him. He got the Wonderful Writer award for working so hard on writing in his journal. I love that boy. Hope he gets better soon.

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nicole boice said...

if it's possible henry just keeps getting cuter and cuter. i need a fix soon! i think you should grow out his hair. i think he should be a long haired boy. it would look so cute on him. yesterday i was looking back through your old blog posts of when you came to reno, and it made me miss you guys and want you to come here so bad. that was such a fun trip. those tahoe pics are soooo beautiful. and our shopping lunch date. and the buffet! delish. hey, do you remeber the name of tht chick that all the hispanic chefs thought i looked like? i thought of that the other day and it was driving me crazy that i couldn't think of her name. also, did you see the breaking dawn trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? be still my heart.