Thursday, June 09, 2011

PICTURE OVERLOAD...and yes they are still of Mexico,

After we got back from the aquarium and town we spent the rest of the day in the Ocean.

Rob in the tide pools. The Tide was WAY out right then.

Jack and Oli

Looking for shells and crabs. There were 100's

Me reading on my kindle (love) and Henry watching Melmo (elmo). This is our had a futon for the boys to sleep in. Our arrangements were awesome.
I wanted to show how far out the tide would go. The ocean would sometimes come all the way in so you couldn't see any sand.

This is across from the house. It is just pure desert there. Like there is nothing until you get to the states.

This night Aaron (the host) made and amazing shirmp/clam boil. It was delicious. I couldn't even think about it without dry heaving once I was sick though. But trust me it was good.

The loft (this is where the kids hung out when they were in the house) we had a wii set up.

The adults would play games here all day and night.

Cali and Joey's room.

pouring out the food. YUM.

Aaron had rules for eating this (which I love because I totally believe that things should be eaten the way they are supposed to be eaten). No forks, no napkins, Just squeeze butter and cocktail sauce, salt and pepper. We ate like wild animals and finished this off in no time. It had potatoes, corn , hot links, clams, onions, garlic and SHRIMP. Cali went inside for 5 minutes to find something and when she came was all gone.

Cali and I walking out

I love this picture of Cali and I (and Henry)

The boys played lots and lots of bocce ball. The changing tides made it so the bocce course was always changing which I think made it more fun.

I hate this picture of me but love the picture. Hahaa.
The kids would dig up these creatures that looked like yellow slime. They called them llama boogers I have no idea what they really were. When the tide was high they would look kinda like jelly fish floating around.

Pretty CC.
That night we built a bonfire and sat around and talked. It was so fun.


nicole boice said...

i am super jealous of this trip, and look forward to the day that we weill be in mexico together.

nicole boice said...

i meant we will, not weill