Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I can see the light. 14 weeks

I am starting to feel better. Not all the way...and by the end of the day I am wasted...but a little better. I did dishes for the first time yesterday. Which tells you, you should feel sorry for Cort, and that there were a lot of times when the dishes weren't done for a while. I am so happy because I can see that things will be better some day soon. (I have probably 20 loads of laundry to put away...My bedroom looks like a hoarders)...it gives me nightmares. I can't wait to be able to clean clean clean my house.

I feel like I am huge.

Today was my first appointment. I am officially 14 weeks today. I love my doctor. It is nice to have 4 children with the same guy (by that I mean same Dr. also nice to have all my children with Cortney though). Makes you feel really comfortable with him. I spilled my urine sample. Yeah. That was a first for me. I was SOOO embarrassed. I also had my ultrasound. I was hoping that they would tell me I was pregnant with twin girls (I would be SO getting my tubes tied if that was the case). But alas...one baby (I could have sworn my stomach was big enough for it to be twins). It was awesome having the ultrasound at 14 weeks instead of 8 because it totally looked like a baby. He was crossing his legs and moving his arms. As for the gender...the technician said she didn't "see anything down there" meaning really that she didn't know either way what it was. But it gave me a little hope that maybe...it could possibly be a girl. I doubt it though. It was great to see the baby. I have really healthy pregnancies...I am so grateful for that. My due date is Dec 13th. Which means I will probably have it around the 6th which gives me a little time to get ready for Christmas after the baby comes. Yikes. (worst month ever to have a baby...who wants to help someone at Christmas time...I am sure all sorts of people have time to watch my kids for a couple of days...hahaha)

Last Wednesday I was at the school with the kids eating lunch (our school has free lunch and breakfast everyday in June for kids...it is awesome) and the lunch was a hoagie sandwich. I looked at it and it looked good. My friend Sarah lent me some money so I could buy myself one and I ate the whole thing. I couldn't believe it. It was the most I have eaten in forever. Then I went to the store and bought myself stuff to make sandwiches and I have been eating them ever since. Lunch and dinner. I am telling you I am getting better.

Oh...and I have been shopping (just looking really) for something to wear to Ali and Michaels wedding....I am sorry ladies....but pregnant women, you should NOT be wearing mini skirts. It is VERY disturbing to me. I can't believe how short these things are.


gramyflys said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better, Ash. You are such a trooper.

nicole boice said...

yay! almost done! i honestly would be a little sad if you were having a girl, because you make the worlds cutest boys. but i guess that would be exciting to see how beautiful your little girl would be. we'll prob be in utah for christmas so we will get to see you and the new baby!! i was going to call you today in response to your email, but now it's kinda late. maybe i'll call tomorrow, or i guess i could just email you back. either way, you'll be hearing from me.

Christensen's said...

I can't believe you are feeling huge. You are the skinnest pregnant person ever! I am glad you are starting to feel better...hopefully :)

Samantha said...

Remember how you spilled your pee everywhere? I wonder if they made a notation in your chart.