Sunday, May 29, 2011

Henry 18 months

On the 20th of April Henry had his 18 month appointment. So here are his stats more than a month later.

Weight 26.85 lbs 64%
height 32.5 in 57.65% (down from 77% at his 15 month)
Head 18.5 in---27.9% ( down from 45%)

He is such a good boy.

The receptionist convinced me to bring rob in at the same time for his kindergarten shots. At the time I thought it wouldn't be a problem because I would be felling just fine, but I was so sick that day so Cortney came along to help. It's a good thing he did because it took all of my strength to hold Robbie down during his shots. You should have seen his face when the nurse told him he had to pee in a cup. I thought he was going to freak out. I forgot to prepare him for that.

Robbie's stats... 5 years 5 months

Weight 48.5 lbs 81.75%
height 47 inches 94.85%
Body mass index 15.44 51.79% what this means is that even though he is in the 82% for weight, he isn't considered chubby because his height to weight ratio is right on.

He is such a huge kid. My biggest. I love that someday he is going to be some huge cute boy. I better get his temper in check before that happens. :)

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