Sunday, May 01, 2011

mexico day 2

I haven't been feeling well and haven't felt like posting. But...I want a record of this I guess I have to get on it.

The second day we were there we spent the whole day on the beach. It was awesome. Cali bought a little sun shade/tent from costco...and we set that up and sat in there the whole day.

Cali and I were in charge of lunch and we made BLT's with avocado. They were really good.

Oh I should also mention that Cortney almost died this day. Haha. He went fishing every morning before everyone got up but this morning when he left the tide was out super he walked out and was standing on some rocks about a mile out and then he caught a couple of fish in a row and next thing he knew the tide had come all the way in and he was stuck a mile out in the ocean. He didn't know what to do so he started trying to run back as fast as he could...the ocean was up to his chest and rising. He lost all of his flies that he had tied special for the trip. He even considered letting his fishing rod go...which will tell you just how bad it was. I was grateful he was still alive (of course...but annoyed that he almost died...we have to many kids for him to be so reckless....).

Here was our tent set up. Perfect coverage for people with skin as white as ours. The white pillar is the back of the house. So we were just right there.

Rob was literally out there all day every day. He had pretty bad sand rash to show for it too. He loved everything about the ocean.


Carolina surprised me this trip too because she usually doesn't like swimming at all...but she loved the ocean.

I think this picture is hilarious! It shows just how happy Henry was. He would go out every morning then in for a nap and then every afternoon back outside. Then at 7 down for the night...he was way easier than I had planned.

Fi. She loved this dress. She fell over in the ocean a minute after this so we had to take the dress off...she threw a little tantrum. It was so funny.

Look how empty the beach was. You can't beat this I am telling you.

Cali and I were also in charge of dinner this night. We made baked ziti. Every time we made way too much. Of course.

Every night everyone would get there kids down by 7 (there were 13 kids total) and then we would play games and talk. We stayed up way too late and had so much fun. We played ticket to ride, feast or famine, pit, big boggle, Risk (boys only), and I think that was all. I couldn't believe everyone put there kids down. Usually we are the only ones that want our kids down early...but we all wanted them out the picture...and they would be SO exhausted from playing outside all day that they would fall right asleep. Heaven.


Anonymous said...

so scary about cortney. I love this place. it looks amazing. what a fantastic vacation--best of both worlds--kids with you having fun, and then plenty of time in the evenings without them! love it. daishan

Cindy said...

Looks like you had a great time.

We went to Mexico once. An all inclusive resort for business. Duff and I got SO sick, we ended up in our room for the last 4 days of the trip and could barely get on the plane to come home.

We thought we had been very careful with the water, but I guess not. We had such a bad case of 3 different kinds of intestinal stuff that we weren't better for MONTHS!

You are brave. I can't bring myself to ever go back.

Cali said...

My heart is beating fast...I love these pictures so much. I will remember this trip the rest of my life. I loved it. I am so happy you came with us sister!!!

Angelique said...

What an awesome trip.

Angie said...

my jealousy cannot be contained when I see and hear about this trip.

Supercords said...

Loving the photos. Looking forward to future posts. Is Cort going to post trip photos on his blog too?


Bella Rosa Bikes said...

Dude, it's a rough life you live. Looks like an amazing trip.