Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's day

I am going to keep posting about my mexico trip...I am so sorry about that it must be grueling....seeing tons of the same picture over and over dragged out over a month. I am sorry. I want the pictures for my own sake.

In the meantime I wanted to post a bunch of random pictures of this week.

Henry. He is a total diva. He needs me 24/7. I haven't been feeling good and it is driving him nuts. I lay in bed and he lays over the top of my head. Or sometimes he stands on my head and tries to look out my window. He also loves to take all of my covers off of me so that I can't rest. He cracks me up. He has been doing a little better in nursery. He still totally cries when we drop him off but then he does pretty good the rest of the time. He really loves singing time...and snack time.

Cort went fishing this week with his friend Robb and actually took some pictures.

Oliver started baseball. It is his first year ever playing. (if you don't count t-ball, which I don't) He is so even though this is his first year he is doing great. He gets to be on Jack's team so that is fun too. He is loving it so far. He really loves the uniform. He is begging for his own batting helmet.

We (the boys) have been playing a lot of back yard baseball. It is sad because Rob really wants to play baseball year. In the meantime he is getting in some good practice. Cortney had me pitch him so balls on saturday...I couldn't even get the ball CLOSE to where he was standing. Yikes. The boys don't get any athleticism from me that is for sure.

Rob has an AWESOME primary teacher. He has been lucky to have her for two years. Oliver even got to have her as a teacher when he was little. Anyways on Saturday she had a party over at her house for all the little kids. (all boys) She did a little face/body painting on Rob...isn't she amazing...

She said Robbie was the only one who would let her paint on him...he kept having a million ideas of what she could do.

I will tell you though....what a pain to wash off today for church.

On to Mother's day. As we all know today was mother's day. Cortney always makes sure I have a wonderful mother's day. He totally takes care of me. I slept in as long as possible this morning...when I woke up the boys were excited to show me my presents...
I got some awesome cards from them. They were so proud. Oliver made me the pretty flower pen you see in the vase. Rob made me a key chain. Then I got some sourdough bread and some sour candies. My best present though was...
Cortney cleaned (and I mean really cleaned) the fridge. Don't mind that the there isn't a lot of food in the fridge (much less absolutely NO PRODUCE)...I haven't been feeling good, and haven't been to the store. This was all I wanted...really. It does me so good to have it done. Thanks Cort.

I just want to say...thanks to my moms. I am so grateful for everything you do for me and my family.

I also want to say how grateful I am to be a isn't something I take for granted ever. I also want to say that on the way into church Rob screamed at me "I hate mother's day" hahaa. Motherhood isn't really what I pictured it to be but man, it is the best.

Then to close it out...Oliver's little book he wrote to me:

I love you more than pizza.
I love you more than school.
I love you more than sugar.
I love you more than the park.
I love you more than fruit.
I love you more than ice cream.
I love you more than cotton candy.
Happy mother's day I love you more than anything.


connie said...

Great post! I love you. Thanks for being such a great daughter, and Mother.
Love Mom

Christensen's said...

I am so sad Kempton didn't get to go to the party. Looks like Rob had so much fun. I love your Mexico pictures. Looks like your boys had so much fun!

nicole boice said...

i am missing your posts, and still waiting to see more mexico pictures. i need an ashley visit. are you still feeling yucky? i'm so sorry... that is the worst. by the way... what is the recipe for the corn puffs again? i think i'm going to make them today. i remember it's just water butter and sugar, but i can't remember what amounts.