Sunday, July 26, 2009

good saturday

Saturday morning I woke up (to pee) at seven. Once I got back in bed I couldn't fall back asleep. Oliver came in at 7:20 to tell me that his tooth fell out. What a big boy he is. I was glad this tooth came out on its blood.

Sorry this whole post is going to be filled with horrible pictures. I got a point and shoot camera, which means that I am actually posting pictures taken by myself and not Cortney. I DO NOT have the eye.

I decided since I couldn't fall back asleep Oliver and I would go garage sale-ing. We had such a great time. I didn't find many really great garage sales but it was so fun being just the two of us. We had a great time. Around 9 we started heading home and hit a garage sale on the way home. Jackpot...I found a fairly new (way newer then mine) Graco (my favorite brand) stroller for only 20 bucks. My stroller from when I had oliver has been great but a couple of months ago Cali and I were at the mall and almost all of our kids were riding in and on the stroller. Well surprise surprise...a wheel fell off while we were pushing it. I have been missing it ever since. you all know I have a baby coming in 11 weeks. They also had a graco car seat...I couldn't decide if I should buy it or not. My car seat is IMPOSSIBLE for me to get out of the base. It has got to be the worst car seat for someone with rheumatoid arthritis. When I would try to get Rob out of the car sometimes it would take me like 10 minutes. I ended up not buying it and went home. I told Cortney about it when I got home (he and ROB where still asleep) and he insisted we load up and got buy the car seat. I am so glad he made me buy it (I need that sometimes) it really is a nice LIGHTLY used carseat.

once again not great pictures...I didn't want to get out of my recliner to take the picture. hahaaa.
the stroller...duh.

So from one garage sale I got the stroller and car seat, two transformers, and a book for 36 bucks. I felt great after that.

Then on the way home we stopped at one more sale. We picked up these two beauties for a whopping 3 dollars TOTAL.

Three bucks...are you kidding me? What color do you think we should paint these babies? Yellow, white, blue, black...the sky is the limit, or green maybe green. I can't wait to get started.

Then once we got home I got my paintin' clothes on and we got started painting our kitchen.
We went for a pretty dark grey. Man...our walls were bright white before and just so hard to keep clean (which was driving me bonkers). It was a bigger project then I had envisioned. The walls just needed so many coats of paint. I love getting stuff done though.

We also painted the kitchen table and chairs. The table was given to us for free 10 years ago and even then the person that bought it got it from kmart for 50 isn't a nice table. But it feeds us and it is the right size for our small kitchen. It looks awesome now.

this is this morning before church...don't the table and chairs look great? I think the wall color is good too. I am getting used to it...I love white walls I really do, but it is nice to have some color on the wall. It sure makes the walls look better.

Remember my table from before...I guess setting it on fire would have even it is no surprise what a coat of paint can do. It is sure a relief for me to be done.

Anyways...that is our Saturday. Pretty productive huh? I love getting stuff done. It is such a great feeling.


I am so frustrated today. Seriously one of those days when you just want to scrap everything...and crawl back into bed. Are my kids even going to turn out?? Oliver teases Rob non stop, every second of the day. Everything he does he does to annoy someone. And Rob and I have a stubborn showdown every single day. Today he threw a huge tantrum because I told him he couldn't have pop inside (only outside) and he wanted to do it anyway. So here we were having a 20 minute battle of wills...about something I don't even care about. But he has to obey me, right??

On lighter news Cortney and I got SOOO much done yesterday. This nesting thing rules. I wish I had the desire to get everything done all the time. I took some pictures and I will post later today.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The airport

Flying home from Peru takes forever. My poor parents were flying for almost 24 hours straight. That in and of itself is horrible and emotionally draining. I can't imagine adding coming back to the USA for the first time in a long time and...something like 20 people to the mix. I felt bad for my parents they looked so tired. they sure looked like they were glad to be home.

We decided to wear USA colors at the airport. Here we are waiting and waiting anxiously for them to come out the gate. (oh I forgot to mention...they didn't make one of their connections out of Dallas...luckily we knew that before we headed to the airport though or it would have been a long wait)

Finally we get a glimpse of them. Look at our excited faces. Oh and I love Grandma Jones' hand up in the back.

Dad, Tyson and Carolina

I haven't taken any pictures hardly of me pregnant (well where you can actually see that I am pregnant)....So I thought I would include this...I am 27 weeks.

All the kids surrounding Grandpa.

Blurry but a great picture nonetheless Grandpa meeting baby DOUGIE for the first time.

Sam sent a poster of her family that Vicki held up as mom and dad walked out. It was perfect. Plus Kate has the funniest face in the picture.

My mom showing the grandkids her name tag.

It is surreal to me that they are back. It is great to see them. After we all headed over to Cali's and had pizzas and just sat around. My mom burst into tears as she drank a glass of milk...because she was so grateful to be back in the USA (where milk is ohhh so good).


Saturday, July 18, 2009

today is the day

My parents are coming home!!!! YAY!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rexburg part UNO

Sorry this is long...but I realized I NEED to post for myself. I want to be able to remember what we actually did. So there.

We headed to Rexburg for the 4th of July. It really is so fun there on the 4th. They have an awesome parade, wonderful weather, we ate delicious food the whole time and got to hang out with family. Really what more can you ask for??

I know this is taking me forever to post about but accchhhhkkkk. I have been nesting like crazy and painting, cleaning and such every second of the day.

Okay...back to the fourth.

We made it to Rexburg Thursday night. We had a nice drive up and drove through one of the CRAZIest storms I have ever seen. It was almost pitch black out just from storm clouds.

Friday a couple of the cousins came over and Cortney and I got to have a nice relaxing day because the kids just played and played outside and we barely even saw them. It was awesome. We went and ate lunch at Taco Time (a Rexburg must) all by ourselves and left the boys up at grandmas. It was great. Friday night we went out to Tyler and Nicole's for fire and Smores. It was so fun to just sit around and talk with all of the adults. Once again being in the country my kids just ran wild.

Every time I go to Rexburg it makes me want to look at real estate there. I love the wide openness you feel there. Hummmm. I would love for my kids to have a couple of acres to run around on. Instead I am scared they are going to get kidnapped by one of the million random people that walk by my house everyday (on their way to the bus stop).

Anyways. Saturday was the 4th...duh. Cortney left early in the morning to take some family pictures. Which was great for him to be able to do. Then we all headed for the parade. It was fun. My kids were over it in about 15 minutes. It was hot and even the candy wasn't enticing them. But we stuck it out and I personally had a great time. I love that kind of stuff. I will post parade pictures tomorrow.

Then it was home for the annual Boice family slip and slide. It is so funny to watch. I spent the afternoon cooking. Then when the cooking was done I got to sit around with my lovely family. We sipped limonadas and played sequence...two of my favorite things to do in Rexburg.

Rob loved the slip and slide. I was shocked since he doesn't like to be sprayed. He would make cameron stop the hose but as soon as Rob would start running Cam would put the hose back on. He went like a million times.

He didn't even want to take the time to put on a swimsuit. He just took he shirt off and took off down the hill.

I loved this pictures of the three girls and rob in the background. It looks fun doesn't it? It isn't...after last year I was sore for a week.

Look at that form.

Oh...and some of Oli.

Look at how happy Oliver looks. I love it.

That night we had an amazing BBQ at Shawn and Kandee's. They had invited Shawn's forman from his landscaping company and they made and brought the best ever beef for tacos. Steak tacos. Yum. There was so much good food. I ate and ate. My dessert plate alone was filled with like 5 different things. Sooo good. The boys ran around with the other cousins and lit fire works like wild kids. I let them do things I would never let them do here at home.

All in all we had the best weekend. I loved every minute of it. I hope I can get back to Rexburg again before this baby is born. I don't know if that will be possible with everything I have going on this summer but I hope so.

Rob put his head too close to a lit smoke bomb. It burned his little head. Hahaa. They were loving the fireworks. (oh and of course shawn put on like a city caliber firework was amazing.)
A boice get together isn't a Boice get together until the boys start shootin' stuff.

The boy cousins setting off fireworks.

pure bliss

Yesterday was like the best day of my life ever.

My big huge sectional sofa (that is light cream) was driving me crazy. In my nesting stage it was feeling TOO big and I couldn't keep it clean despite how hard I was trying. So before I went to bed I gave it one last good shampooing and then in the morning I listed it on ksl. (a site news site used for selling stuff craigslist). The couch was sold by 4:30 p.m. I got tons of calls and sold it to the first person who could come and get it. I was ecstatic. still am. My house feels so free and open and furniture free (but dang...when cali and her four kids where over today we sure didn't have a place to sit...hahaha).

Then on top of that wonderful thing that happened Cortney arranged for someone to come and clean my carpets yesterday night. I feel like a new woman.

This picture was taken with my computer and it sure doesn't make the carpet look that clean...but it is way better.

It is amazing how great a house looks to me with no furniture in shoe baskets, no odd things propped up against the wall. Hmmmm pure heaven. And yes I realize I have nothing on my walls. I am not much of a decorator. I like simple white walls. It just feels so much cleaner to me that way. I can't help it. Cortney is insisting we put up some big frames with some of his pictures...and I guess now that we have an income I can splurge on maybe someday.

Monday, July 13, 2009

i know

I haven't posted all week. I haven't wanted to. I have been so bored. Cali's family had the swine flu and we were with them the day they got we were exposed and for the first couple of days I just waited for my kids to get sick. They didn't, thank goodness. But because Cali has been quarantined I have been bored all alone in this house.

On Friday Cort took the boys to Father's and sons. It was the weirdest night of my life. I think it is the first time I have ever been all alone over night without the boys. WeiRD.

I have some pictures. I will post them later. I promise.

I have been nesting like crazy. Just today I painted the concrete beneath the siding on the exterior of our house. On our WHOLE house all by myself. It looks so much better. Cortney and I also spent all Saturday painting the trim on the front of the house. I will post pictures once cortney takes some pictures of it.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

3 going on 30

My three year old just cut a tomato into 3 slices (yes with a knife) sprinkled the slices with fresh cracked sea salt and then started the dishwasher, with the right detergent and all to get rid of the evidence. Man...he's good...AND following in my footsteps as a tomato lover. Even though that is pretty naughty...there is nothing like seeing your baby sneak to eat veggies.