Sunday, July 26, 2009

good saturday

Saturday morning I woke up (to pee) at seven. Once I got back in bed I couldn't fall back asleep. Oliver came in at 7:20 to tell me that his tooth fell out. What a big boy he is. I was glad this tooth came out on its blood.

Sorry this whole post is going to be filled with horrible pictures. I got a point and shoot camera, which means that I am actually posting pictures taken by myself and not Cortney. I DO NOT have the eye.

I decided since I couldn't fall back asleep Oliver and I would go garage sale-ing. We had such a great time. I didn't find many really great garage sales but it was so fun being just the two of us. We had a great time. Around 9 we started heading home and hit a garage sale on the way home. Jackpot...I found a fairly new (way newer then mine) Graco (my favorite brand) stroller for only 20 bucks. My stroller from when I had oliver has been great but a couple of months ago Cali and I were at the mall and almost all of our kids were riding in and on the stroller. Well surprise surprise...a wheel fell off while we were pushing it. I have been missing it ever since. you all know I have a baby coming in 11 weeks. They also had a graco car seat...I couldn't decide if I should buy it or not. My car seat is IMPOSSIBLE for me to get out of the base. It has got to be the worst car seat for someone with rheumatoid arthritis. When I would try to get Rob out of the car sometimes it would take me like 10 minutes. I ended up not buying it and went home. I told Cortney about it when I got home (he and ROB where still asleep) and he insisted we load up and got buy the car seat. I am so glad he made me buy it (I need that sometimes) it really is a nice LIGHTLY used carseat.

once again not great pictures...I didn't want to get out of my recliner to take the picture. hahaaa.
the stroller...duh.

So from one garage sale I got the stroller and car seat, two transformers, and a book for 36 bucks. I felt great after that.

Then on the way home we stopped at one more sale. We picked up these two beauties for a whopping 3 dollars TOTAL.

Three bucks...are you kidding me? What color do you think we should paint these babies? Yellow, white, blue, black...the sky is the limit, or green maybe green. I can't wait to get started.

Then once we got home I got my paintin' clothes on and we got started painting our kitchen.
We went for a pretty dark grey. Man...our walls were bright white before and just so hard to keep clean (which was driving me bonkers). It was a bigger project then I had envisioned. The walls just needed so many coats of paint. I love getting stuff done though.

We also painted the kitchen table and chairs. The table was given to us for free 10 years ago and even then the person that bought it got it from kmart for 50 isn't a nice table. But it feeds us and it is the right size for our small kitchen. It looks awesome now.

this is this morning before church...don't the table and chairs look great? I think the wall color is good too. I am getting used to it...I love white walls I really do, but it is nice to have some color on the wall. It sure makes the walls look better.

Remember my table from before...I guess setting it on fire would have even it is no surprise what a coat of paint can do. It is sure a relief for me to be done.

Anyways...that is our Saturday. Pretty productive huh? I love getting stuff done. It is such a great feeling.


Scott & Tami said...

Nice pick up...the stroller is sweet and the car seat looks awesome. Oliver is old enough to lose his teeth already?!!! What!!! His long hair is cute. I really like your new paint jobs...nice work.

Angelique said...

I love the gray color you chose. It always makes a room looks so awesome. And uh..$20 bucks for a stroller/car seat! Amazing...

Sherry Ward said...

Sweet deals! I can't believe you caved and painted your kitchen! you're hilarious. So if you do end up selling those chairs in your living room, will you call me??

Melissa B. said...

I like your wall color. Those tables are coming back in I just read an article in a magazine about different styles that are back. So your in...and you didn't even know it!

ashleyboice said...

Missy...I always know it. hahaaa

Christensen's said...

That stroller and seat look great. I love getting good deals! Your house looks fabulous...I am jealous!