Sunday, July 19, 2009

The airport

Flying home from Peru takes forever. My poor parents were flying for almost 24 hours straight. That in and of itself is horrible and emotionally draining. I can't imagine adding coming back to the USA for the first time in a long time and...something like 20 people to the mix. I felt bad for my parents they looked so tired. they sure looked like they were glad to be home.

We decided to wear USA colors at the airport. Here we are waiting and waiting anxiously for them to come out the gate. (oh I forgot to mention...they didn't make one of their connections out of Dallas...luckily we knew that before we headed to the airport though or it would have been a long wait)

Finally we get a glimpse of them. Look at our excited faces. Oh and I love Grandma Jones' hand up in the back.

Dad, Tyson and Carolina

I haven't taken any pictures hardly of me pregnant (well where you can actually see that I am pregnant)....So I thought I would include this...I am 27 weeks.

All the kids surrounding Grandpa.

Blurry but a great picture nonetheless Grandpa meeting baby DOUGIE for the first time.

Sam sent a poster of her family that Vicki held up as mom and dad walked out. It was perfect. Plus Kate has the funniest face in the picture.

My mom showing the grandkids her name tag.

It is surreal to me that they are back. It is great to see them. After we all headed over to Cali's and had pizzas and just sat around. My mom burst into tears as she drank a glass of milk...because she was so grateful to be back in the USA (where milk is ohhh so good).



Erin said...

This totally made me cry. It's like those Oprah shows where they reunite family members. I just love families. Your parents are so cute and what a great reward for serving the Lord, a great big COLD glass of yummy milk. You look amazing in that picture. You don't even look pregnant. I'm look more pregnant than you and I am zero weeks. LUCKY! (If you don't remember me, I knew Cortney back in the day at Ricks and I blog stalk you guys!)

HEATHER D said...

YIPPEE!!! How totally FUN for you guys.

bBchronicles said...

F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. ! ! ! ! WELCOME HOME, Elder and Sister Earl! ! ! ! ! ! Ash, I can tell you're SO HAPPY to have them back - congrats to the entire family!

Laura Lei said...

Wow, I can't believe your parents are home. I was hoping to see them when I go home for a week, but I think I think they'll be in ML a week after I leave.

P.S. I love the pregnant-mama picture. You look awesome.

Christensen's said...

You need to get a picture of just your parents. Sounds like they are glad to be home and I know you are happy to have them back! You don't look 27 weeks pregnant!

Melissa B. said...

SOOOO EXCITING! You look great . Cali looks like that baby is going to fall out, she is so LOW.