Saturday, June 08, 2013

cabin visit

A couple of days after school got out my parents took the six oldest grandkids on a church history trip.  They had the best best time.  I don't have any pictures from it ( can I get some??).  It was a strange thing to have Oliver gone for 10 days.  We really missed him around here.  

During his time away Cortney and I tried to go up to the cabin as much as possible to get it fixed up.  Cali watched our other 3 kids over night and we went up and painted.  It was a fun time for Cortney and I and the longest we have been without our kids since 2007.  It was like a date and we had a fun time even with all the hard work we were doing.  

Another time we took Henry and Rob but left Theo.  He is just too young for us to get anything done while he is there.  During this trip he learned to WALK.  I was so happy...we were getting worried.  He started walking at 19 months.  (june 8th)

We mostly worked the whole time but we also had the boat up there this time.  Cortney always does his best to take the kids out to do something fun.  I love these pictures of them exploring the place. 

 Up on the hill behind henry you can see a cabin roof.  That is the cabin next to ours.  We are both kinda up on the hill by ourselves. 

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