Friday, May 31, 2013

End of school.

The schools in Utah county all do a dance festival. It is awesome.  There is nothing quite like seeing your kids dance their hearts out with their grade.  I love it.  (my boys not so much)

I am obsessed with Cali and I having kids at the same school.  Totally worth moving over here.  It was such a pain before going separately to everything. 

The babies weren't that good.  hahaa.  Cortney took them home to my house to put them down for naps after our kids performed. 

This picture is the story of my life.  I am constantly wrangling this boy. 

Robbie was one of the dance leaders for his grade.  He got to be in the front and then did the splits at the end.  My heart was bursting with pride.   He is on the front row the 3rd from the left.  He is wearing long black socks.  Just watch the first little bit and then skip to the end to see his splits.  


It was really hard to see Oli in his video so I don't have it on here. He is the cutest though I loved watching him dance. He went full out even though he hates every second of it. 

The school tried to break a world record of biggest group of people doing a thumb war.  We were 30 THIRTY!!! people short of the world record but we did get a national record.  Boo.  It was pretty cool though and the kids thought it was pretty amazing. 

My dancer. 

After school we took the kids to the park for the start of summer celebration.  
Of course I only have pictures of the babies because the rest were gone playing. 

My boys on the last day of school. 

We went to chuck-o-rama for the last day of school.  The boys love it.  I'm not crazy about it but we had coupons for the boys...and hey it's better than cooking. :)

Henry just ate jello the whole time.  SO MUCH JELLO.  He had never had it but loved it. 

We also went and got grades doughnuts. 

And we started the summer with Rob sleeping in until 11.  Awesome.  It is going by too fast. 

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