Monday, June 24, 2013


June was Jammed packed with fun. This summer has exhausted me!

 Theo and Willies first bath together.  I love them. 

 Carolina Jones turned 8.  She had a Charlotte's Web party.   (she won't eat any pork products right now!!)

 There were A TON of little girls there.  I was a little out of my element. 

 we went to ikea and got 5 kids in the play place.  Cali and I had the best time walking around with only our babies.  It was really relaxing. 
After we had to stop for hot dogs and ice cream. 

 Oliver came home!  He was SHOCKED Theo was walking and he was so happy. 

 I love seeing these two start playing together. 

 Father's day!  I taught on father's day about father's.  We didn't really do anything but tried to appreciate Cortney.  I told him I got him a cabin for father's day. 

 The kids all did swimming lessons and Rob did a gymnastics camp.  Both were huge successes.  Henry was in preschool level 1, Oli and Rob were in Level 3...they all passed and are becoming quite good swimmers. 

 We had family night with the Emig's...shaved ice.  Delish.  Cortney wasn't there...I believe he was working but who knows. 

Cortney had our 14 year anniversary.  Dang.  We went to lunch at Thai Drift...but I can't remember what else we did. It's hard to believe it's been so long.  We really love each other. 

Oliver turned 10! What a cute good boy.  Cortney and I took him to lunch for sushi.  His choice...and his favorite food.   We had a party with Cali's kids (a BBQ) in the evening and we did a couple of fireworks.  

 We have been to trafalga a couple of times (this is us on the way there).

 Theo fell in nursery and bonked his tooth.  He had to have it pulled. 

 Costco ice cream date. (plus a little ice cream in Cort's beard)

 (i took this picture of the boys on the 3d ride at tralfalga...Rob, Oli, Cortney in the front row. )

We went to dinner at Cameron's house (which is always so fun)

DANG I need to be better a blogging as it happens...I can't even remember anything!

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