Monday, July 08, 2013

Scofield 4th of July

Scofield has a huge 4th of July celebration each year and we were so excited to start our tradition of being there for it all.  I took Theo to the dentist that morning to get his tooth pulled because he wasn't eating and it was looking infected. 

It was really sad for me but here he is on the car ride home.  He was happy happy.  I am sure he was finally not in pain. 

So we left to the cabin on Tuesday afternoon.  This was our first long stay up there and it turned out to be so fun. I was a little worried because if you forget something...too bad you can't go to town and pick it up.  I forgot peanut butter and Jelly...which you actually need when camping but besides that we did pretty good and ate really well. 

We spent a lot of our time on the trip fishing.  Cortney did really good at taking the boys and letting me read...and I tried to do my best to go out on excursions with them too.  I even went hiking!!!

Henry could live and die in a boat.  He is in heaven when he is fishing and will stay out there for hours.  He has a good little cast too...(most of the time however he has no hook on his line because we don't want him taking out one of the kids eyeballs)

 Theo isn't as easy on the boat...and tries to climb in the lake.  He  would just go for short rides and then I would take him back home and put him to bed, I would read and the boys would stay out for a couple of hours. 

Looks fun huh??
It really is so beautiful up there and the pictures never do it justice. 

I happened to find 2 wet suits, my kids size half off at savers.  So I think they were 8 bucks.  They came in so handy and the boys swam every day. 

Most of my trip looked like this.  I did a lot of wrangling. 

Theo loves the lake. 

Cortney does a lot of this...tying lures, fixing knots.  Sad to say he hasn't got to do much REAL fishing in all the days we have spent up there.  But...someday these boys will grow up and be able to fix their own lines and it will all be worth it. 

 I took this shot from our front window one day.  You can see the boat with my boys on the lake.  I love when I can see them while I read. 

 It is so nice to have showers so the boys can come home and get clean and watch a little Aladdin (we only had one disc and they watched it over and over)... they would be totally worn out every evening. 

The town itself has a little fair going on during the 4th of July weekend.  We headed into town one night (5 minutes away) and listened to the musical numbers and had some pizza, doughnuts, curly fries and snow cones.  It is a really small town and it was fun people watching. 

 Here are the kids playing on the "playground" was more like the kind of playgrounds I knew when I was little. 

 The trip was really relaxing and it was weird to not have phone or internet.  Cortney if he has service is CONSTANTLY working.  CONSTANTLY. It has been years since I have just sat around with him...
 we did lots of this kind of thing.  It was great.  I also saw him play angry birds on his phone.  I can't even tell you how long it has been since I have seen him play a game. 

Oli is my twin.  

This is a horrible picture of me but we spent the week getting used to Theo's new smile.  Pretty darn cute if you ask me.  haha. 

The community are house is in is called "scofield west"...they had a lot of activities going on during the weekend.  We got together for breakfast on Saturday, and then again for dinner and Bingo and a Raffle that night.  We had sloppy Joe's they were really good.  Bingo was kinda hectic. Of course we didn't win a dang thing.  Cortney donated a fly rod and everyone thought that was amazing...which was fun. 

 The community has a meeting place called the Bowery....that is where all of the activities are held. 

The town had a lovely little parade.  Here we are sitting in front of some of our friends from the community. 

 Here  are Susan and Bill (the first in the row)...They are Cortney's friends parents and Cortney stayed at their house in scofield 7 years ago and decided to put his name on the list to get a place.  They have taken us under their wing and have been so kind to us.  They are hilarious and awesome.  

 Small town parades are filled with amazingness. 

 Look at these people.  I just love it.  (cali said...well at least you don't have to dress up too much! haha...Cortney fits right in I tell you)
 Bingo baby.  He is the light of my life. 

 Scofield west always has some floats in the parade. 


 Life is Best at Scofield West...hard to argue with that. 

Here are more fishing pictures because they are too good.  

 Henry's catch!...Rob is so good at handling the fish. 

 Looks like I am about to lose Henry in this pic.  That is why we all wear life jackets.  

 Here both boys are about to go overboard while I reel a fish in. I finally caught one this time. 

Saturday night the city put on a firework show from the island right in front of our cabin.  We sat outside and watched from our yard.  it was so fun.  We wanted to make it back to church the next morning so we were all packed up and ready to go...we left as soon as the fireworks were over.  It was a great week. 
The flash hurts my eyes so bad.  There is nothing I can do to make them stay open. 

Henry was bawling before the fireworks started because he couldn't understand what was going on.  He wanted us to just light the fireworks.  He couldn't understand the concept of someone else lighting them...far away.  Once it started though he was a HUGE fan.  Oliver took the picture and Theo was inside sleeping. 


Kacey Nielsen said...

That sounds awesome in all respects. We went all the way to jon's hometown for 4th of july because I was DESPERATE for a small town independence day celebration. It just feels right that way. I love your new place!

bBchronicles said...

It's been SOOO LONG since I've blogged OR read a blog that it was fun to come by for a visit! You're creating such GREAT memories on the lake with the kids - something they'll remember FOREVER. Great job guys! Love you!