Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Moses and a baby

It is hard to believe that I haven't posted in almost a month.  Time is just shooting on by. I don't even know where to start.  

The summer has been going great.  It feels crazy busy but there will be times when I don't leave the house in days.  The hardest part about having 4 kids for me has been that it is a nightmare going to the store.  I just get in there...and then I want to leave because it is so horrible.  Soooo....I haven't been shopping at all.  Which definitely has it's pros and cons.

I am going to try to piece a little post out of all the pictures on my phone...once again I feel bad because most are repeats from instagram but...who cares...if I don't put them here they didn't happen.  I love going back in time to see what I did when...

My parents came to Utah for ONE day...I decided I better go back with them because I don't know how I can drive alone with these guys.  I had the BEST BEST time in Moses Lake.  To all my friends/family I didn't see, my apologies.  We were supposed to stay another week but my sister Cali was having mega high blood pressure so we had to RUSH home to be with her.  I was kinda relaxing the first week and then I was going to do my visits the second.  I felt bad.  That aside, I had the funnest time.  It was great to have my parents back and have a place to go home to.  I love Moses Lake and I have so many great memories there.  I can't help but think of my friends and miss them when I am home.  

My kids are the most amazing travelers.  They do so well.  Theo is the best baby I have ever seen in the car.  We put his car seat in the back row and didn't hear a peep out of him all day.  He literally didn't cry once.  Henry on the other hand looked like this most of the time... (it breaks my heart how crappy phone pictures are...better than nothing, I guess)...

 Poor guy was sweating from head to toe trying to get out.  This trip he wouldn't go to the bathroom in his all.  It made it a lot more stressful for him.  

This was the start of our trip...we learned right away that we had to split up Oli and at the first stop I put Theo in the back row.  Rob has to sit by Theo and Oli has to sit by Hens....otherwise there is chaos.  

My mom drove my van the whole way while my dad drove my two grandma's in his car. It was so great going with them and my mom and I talked the whole way.  We stopped at Costco in Boise for hotdogs for lunch (of course).

 Home sweet home.  My parents got our house all fixed up...the yard was a mess before and the house needed all new carpet and paint.  It looks great now.  Feels just like home. Just looking at this picture made me sad to be back in Utah. 

 Henry was a nightmare with going to sleep.  But a cute nightmare nonetheless.   I would have to stay outside his door until he fell asleep.  Booo. 

 Oli took this picture.  I kept staying up late with either my parents or Amber and Sean.  Then at seven the kids would be out trying to wake me up.  
I was so tired...a lot. 

 I love how they think it is so funny...It wasn't. 

 we swam every day.  We also put my kids in swimming lessons.  (unfortunately they only got to do half of them since we had to come home early)  They REALLY learned to swim though.  I couldn't believe how good they did.  By the end of the trip they were getting stuff off the bottom of the deep end and DIVING off the diving board.  
This is my grandma's pool.  They got it in the 60's when my dad went on his mission.  They have had it so long it is unbelievable.  My dad and I were talking and we decided that there is something magical about this pool.  I totally agree.  

It was awesome to see my Grandma Earl too.  She made scones (TO DIE FOR), with fresh apricot jam, and sugar cookies.  I tried to get out and see her as much as possible.  

 Oliver found this frog in the pool...I always LOVED it when we found frogs in the pool when I was little. 

Me and Hens waiting for swim lessons to be over.  

 For the 4th of July we got together with David's family at Grandma's.  

 Henry got these swim goggles for 75 cents...they didn't work but he wore them everywhere.  One time I went in to his nap and he had them on and they were all fogged up.  He reminded me of this guy from can't hardly wait...

My mom bout some pretty sweet fireworks and the boys had the time of their lives setting them off.  We were worried about getting burnt, but I was the only one that had a close call...a sparkler went off in my face and burnt my hair. :(

Rob, Oli, Grandma Jones, Hens, Mom and dad.  It might look like my did is intently watching Theo but he actually has an empty carseat with his Iphone inside watching a show of some sort.  HAHAHAA.   Theo was originally in there but he hated the fire works.  

After our fireworks I took my 3 oldest by myself to the church parking lot to watch the fire work show.  It felt weird not watching it cuddled up with a boy so I really tried cuddling up with my littles...Henry did think it was pretty romantic and kept kissing me between each cool one. 

I spent as much time as possible with Amber and Sean.  They are two of my very best friends...I love them...and their kids (someday their kids will love me, I guarantee).  This picture was at Sean's parent's house.  
(our kids look like they were playing together...but they were being pretty shy)

 Someone mentioned to me that Henry is almost always in a diaper/no pants on my blog. It is so true.  Here he is relaxing on my parent's bed watching a show.  My dad wasn't too sure about letting henry play with his Ipad...Pshhhaww...Henry knows how to navigate that thing better than my dad.  My dad didn't even know he had Netflix on there but Henry sure did.  Hahaa.  

I have had this baby swimsuit for years.  I think Nena gave it to me??  I have never used it because my babies rarely go swimming (it is a 0-3 month size).  Theo got a chance for a little dip and thought it was pretty fun. 

Family swim time.  Rob and Oli played with Matt's (my next door neighbor growing up, and practically my brother) boys (they have 4 boys too!!!)...a lot this trip.  They LOVED them.  It was so awesome to see them all playing and it made me so happy.  One night though we took all the boys swimming and one of Matt's boys had nose plugs.  My boys were instantly hooked...and wanted us to go look for some for them.  Oye.  They were so funny with their nose plugs. ( I wouldn't let them wear them to swimming lessons)

Look at that little guy.  Love him. 

My mom likes to take the kids out to a deer farm on the side of the road.  I was skeptical but it was pretty darn awesome. 

 Theo with a cheeto that Henry gave him without me knowing. 

bristle blocks at grandma's
(the exact ones I used to play with)

On Sunday Cali called and said her blood pressure was through the roof.  She said we were probably going to miss the birth because she couldn't wait any longer (she was 38 weeks but we thought she would have him at 39 weeks).  I went and talked to my parents about what to do and they just said...get packed up we are leaving right now.  I was really happy because I didn't want to miss her birth.  We packed as fast as we could and were on the road by 12:30.  The drive home was pretty horrible...but by 2 am we made it and sound.  

My boys may have shed a few tears leaving Moses Lake.  We loved our visit.  I was sad to be coming to utah too...but so HAPPY to have my parents come with me. 

Cali went in to the hospital Monday morning...her blood pressure was crazy high.  They admitted her pretty quickly. 

She has to be on magnesium the whole time and it makes her really sick.  He she was still feeling good.

And then pretty soon feeling horrible.  She was hallucinating, and throwing up all day long. 

It was a long day. 
It was crazy because Cali's Mother in Law Lori flew in for the birth but had to leave at 6:45 to get home for work.  She was getting ready to leave and tearing up because Cali, we thought, wasn't near ready to have the baby.  I urged Joey to have the nurse check just to make sure.  The nurse checked her, looked at us astonished and said "she's complete!".  15 minutes later he was here, Lori kissed him and ran out the door to catch her flight.  It was a miracle. 

At 7 pm on the DOT, William "Willie" Mays was born.  6 lbs 12 oz.   He is awesome.

These are brand new pictures...he looks pretty different now. 

Good job sissy. 

I had to include these last two of Henry because I LOVE THEM.

Sorry for the long post.  

It was a great trip.  


Samantha said...

I love your posts. That Henry sure is a quirk. That second to last picture is awesome. He looks like Cort. I'm glad you had so much fun. And Willie is pulling a jack scowl in one of those pics.

Angelique said...

Moses Lake reminds me of Idaho Falls a little. So glad you were able to go home. I'm glad you re-post these pictures because I don't have smart phone. :)

Angie said...

I know how you feel. I feel like with posting on facebook and instagram, that my blogs are repetitious, but I'm glad you post. :)
sorry your moses lake trip was cut short, but so happy for Cali and Joey.

Christensen's said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. I was having issues with my phone, so that is why I didn't know you were home. Lets get together this week!