Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It seems whenever uncle Tyler comes to visit for the weekend he always gets Cortney to take the kids to do something fun. Or maybe it is just that now that Cortney doesn't have a yard to take care of he has a lot more time for fun.   Who knows?  Anyways a couple of weekends ago Tyler came for a visit (actually two weekends in a row...)

The first weekend he was up here they took the boys shooting up in the mountains on our friends property.  The kids thought it was so fun....

Notice Rob has a blow gun.  He is lethal with that thing. haha. 



Then the next weekend they went fishing in Cortney's boat down at the golf course.  This was the boys first voyage in the boat even though we have had it a couple of years. 
The night before they went fishing the boys stayed at Cali's house and spent the night.  This is like a once a summer occasion for them.  They were pretty grouchy while fishing because of their lack of sleep.   Rob loved every second (I just remembered he didn't sleep over, we brought him home...no wonder he was so much better than Oliver).  Oliver was just so tired combined with the fact that Cortney forgot to pack water...oops, that he did a little more complaining than Rob...but he still did great. 

 I packed Cortney some life jackets but I guess they are fishing where it is really shallow. 

I love this picture of the boys working together. 

Don't mind Tyler and all of his muscles here...hahaa.  

Rob was a natural fisherman...who would have thunk?

Cortney doing some bow fishing.  

Both kids said they had the best time.  When they got home I found rob in the hall doing this...

How cute right?? 
THeo loves his brothers and always lights up when he sees or hears them. 

LUcky boy. 


My New Life said...

Great post Ashley! I think that everyone whats to see more of my muscles so i will be sure to send you some more pics for your next post. Ha ha

Christensen's said...

Love the picture of Rob with Theo...adorable! I miss you guys tons.