Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The rest of my big day

My birthday was so great. I don't ever want presents and such...but I can't help it birthdays are a big deal to me. When I was little all year I would count down to my birthday. I would make samantha wake me up with a prerecorded message. It was a little out of control.

I kinda want people to make a big deal of my birthday, and I am totally embarrassed to even say that.

This year was perfect.

After Cali watched my kids for my hair cut, I came home picked them up and took them over to my friend Sarah's. She said she would watch them while Cortney and I went to lunch. I had a birthday coupon to Mimi's cafe so Cortney and I went there. I love being with Cort (good thing!)...we are still best friends after all these years. We had such a great time and then Cort gave me my present. I had told him I didn't want anything but...he got me this...

I haven't had a functioning stroller for months and months. HENRY is HEAVY too. I decided this time around I wanted a fancy umbrella one.

Problem is they are expensive.

So since October I have been looking on KSL (craigslist) for a used stroller. I would check multiple times per day and I never found a good deal. There were tons of regular strollers but none of the umbrella kind. And I had certain ones in mind...I really did my really.

Then I found one that seemed like a good deal, and Cortney secretly called on it and went and picked it up. I was so happy.

He got me a Maclaren Quest...they retail for like $230, but he got it for $50 bucks.
It weighs 12 lbs and takes up no space at all ( a HUGE deal when you have RA and don't have a garage). It pushes like a dream.
I couldn't stop smiling all day I was so happy for the stroller.

Plus the grey color matches Henry's eyes. (he isn't crazy about riding in strollers but he was pretty good this day). It is even easy to push rob in it.

After lunch I picked my kids up from Sarah's and stayed and talked for a while. Then I went and hung out at Cali's for the rest of the day.

Jason and KaeLynn were over at Cali's when I got there and we talked for a couple was awesome I loved seeing them.

The husbands got home later that night and we went to Happy Sumo again. It was awesome.

Then on Saturday Cali and I went to the Mall for a couple hours because I wanted to buy some sweatpants (funny I know...but I like to be comfy) with my birthday money from the parents.

Can you believe I had that awesome of a birthday?? I know it kinda makes me sound like a diva...and I admit, I kinda am for my birthday.

On top of all that I got tons of emails, texts, comments and facebook posts saying all sorts of really nice stuff. That really made me feel good. Plus my inlaws called to sing me a very enthusiastic happy birthday and they sent me a amazon gift card. I LOVE AMAZON. Plus my grandma Jones gave me some cash too.

The only draw back is I am 31 now and I swear I look 100. :)

I had to post this picture of me and my THREE boys. We had just read a book about all the different kids of frogs and then we decided to youtube some frog videos. We are watching them on my ipad. Henry LOVED it. I love quiet moments like this when everyone is being good. (these moments are rare...that is why they have to be documented).

Today my kids built a fort and ALL THREE played in there for a really long time. I love how patient and kind they are to Henry. That is one of the many benefits of REALLY spacing your kids out.


Angelique said...

I had no idea that you like people to make a big deal about your b-day. Such an awesome day..and a sweeeeeet stroller.

Angie said...

um, there is no shame in making a big deal about your birthday. I love birthdays and plan something every year for myself.

Earl Family said...

I had so much fun talking with you.

It really is a shame I don't do it more often.

Melissa B. said...

Your hair looks amazing in this picture. Keep it as a good hair reference for when you need another do. And new strollers are always so EXCITING!

Anonymous said...

happy bday. i used to make a big deal about my birthday...hmm maybe its time I start doing that again. Your hair looks fantastic. And being primary president will reward you in all sorts of ways! enjoy! daishan

nicole boice said...

i was showing tyler the pics of henry and how cute he is (which i was like GAGGING over because he's so cute... i was dying) and we got to the close up one of him and he goes, "whoa... thats a pretty solid harness". haha. also that pic of you and the boys is seriously, in all seriousness, like one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen. you look absolutely beautiful, and you make me want to be a mother so bad. also, i saw this morning i saw your missed skype call! how cute is that? i wanted to call you back so bad, but i knew i'd talk to long and i had to get in the shower for work.