Thursday, March 03, 2011

I need your help ladies... now that I am 31 I think it is time I start taking care of my skin. So...I want all you all out there to tell me what is the best thing you've used on your face. Don't be a sister out.

Also...I have had the HARDEST time finding someone that gives a good haircut here in Utah so if anyone has someone they absolutely love please let me know. Every time I just go to someone I have never heard of that can get me in that day and I never get the hair cut I want. I like mine now but it looks NOTHING like the picture I took in to the girl. I would probably even go back to her but she is moving. So...what do you know?


Angie said...

Wait...if you start taking care of your skin, does that I need to do something with mine. I am older than you and still don't wash my face other than rinsing it in the shower...hmmm..maybe I'll see what people tell you.

ashleyboice said...

I am with you angie...I always just rinse off with water only in the shower.

But on my birthday I looked in the mirror in the mall dressing room...and GASP...there were wrinkles...especially under my eyes. Boohhoo... I knew my face had too much expression for my own good.

Angelique said...

I get my hair cut at a place in Provo called Shep Studio by a girl named Chanel. She's awesome and you sit in a massage chair while they wash your hair..BONUS. She costs $30 for a cut. Is that too much? The place is super modern and overall a pretty fun experience every time I go. Have I convinced you, yet? haha

p.s. You have great skin. Water seems to be working just fine!

Supercords said...

I'm a man, so feel free to ignore my advice...

Get yourself a basic face cleanser and wash your face with a wash cloth every day in the shower.

Put on some moisturizer with sun protection after you dry off.

Don't wear makeup.

Stay out of the sun.

Also, it's more important what you are putting INSIDE your body than OUTSIDE of it. Greasy foods = bad skin. Natural foods = good skin

Brittany said...

Since I am barely 20 I will refrain from comments about the skin...since I don't really do anything to mine.

But for the past 5 or more years I have gone to a lady named Julie Kaye Gardner. She worked at studios for a while and finally opened up her own business out of her home, which is just off of 1600 N in Orem. She's excellent (I went to her on a recommendation, and she's the only one I go to now). She gives the BEST advice for caring for your new 'do, and makes sure every step of the way the cut is what you want before she makes the snips.

She charges I think $35 for a cut...she is usually training someone there from a hair school, and they wash your hair before she cuts it. And then along the way, she is explaining to them exactly why she's making certain cuts so you can kinda tell she knows exactly what she's doing, and why she's doing it. Kinda cool. Her number is 801-830-1111.

I'm going to her within the next month to chop my locks off :)

bBchronicles said...

You turned me onto COSTCO face 'stuff' - that's all I buy now - it's the MOST moisturizing 'stuff' I've EVER found and I've been through many, many, creams in my life. Very CHEAP way to go - but yet the QUALITY is amazing! Be sure and get eye cream as 'eyes' are the FIRST THING TO GO!!!!!!! PHILOSOPHY is what I would be using otherwise and I started buying 'that' off ebay (pretty expensive stuff otherwise).

HAIR: Do YOUR THING to Nicole and Toilet and see if you can get them to MOVE over!!!!! - Problem solved!

Cindy said...


It's all I will use. Allergy, fragrance free. I use an exfoliator every morning. It is gentle but prepares your skin for moisturizer, make-up, etc. Clarifying lotion, then moisturizer. They have a GREAT nighttime moisturizer that I use faithfully. Eye stuff too. But the basics are awesome.

My sister got me into Clinique after my 4th baby and I was 30. So just about like you.

Oh. I also use their makeup removal products. Gentle on the eyes and skin but very thorough.

Anonymous said...

i second everything supercords said. get a facewash for the shower and then put on a sunscreen moisturizer!

{natalie} said...

i go to julie at rememdez (it's the aveda salon at the mall right by victoria's secret/gap) she is great and i love the smell of aveda products.

i use a moisturizer with sunscreen but that's about it on my face.