Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I feel like a wreck right now.  I can't do anything...my house is a mess...I don't answer my phone, I don't return emails.  I am so sorry.  (this will pass....this will pass...repeat and repeat)  Today I left the house for the first time in days...and then I later paid for it...big time.  

Oliver said yesterday
"if this baby is another boy I don't think we should have anymore...it just isn't worth it."

I know someday soon he will forget about this time and he will realize it is worth it.  And man...what a grown up thing to say, my baby is so old.  

I am not posting this for sympathy...I just feel bad I am so boring (and actually I think maybe even horrible to be around).  I feel bad for my kids and for Cortney. But...nonetheless  time is slowly passing and everyday I get closer to feeling better.  So that is something to be happy about.  I turned 10 weeks yesterday.  

on another note...Cortney went to Vegas for March Madness last week for four days.  

They got to stay in a fancy smancy suite and watch tons of sports (blah).  Anyways...my two brother in laws on my side were there and are pictured above (joe and kyle).  I think it was good for him to get away for a while and not have to read anyone any books and not have to separate the boys a billion times at night when they are trying to go to sleep.  that kind of thing.  I sure missed him but spent a lot of time hanging with my sister Cali and since she broke the news on her blog that she too is pregnant I can out her now on mine.  We are FOUR DAYS apart on our due dates.  CRAZY huh?  They say misery loves company and I tell you we are a sorry sight.  Everyone that sees us just comments on how sick we both look and that we have the same look on our faces.  It was good though we just laid around watching judge judy...theraputic when you are sick...I don't know why...while the kids made crazy messes.  

one last thing.  

I was in the bathroom today having a "sick moment" when Rob came in and said he needed to go pee.  We only have one bathroom and I wasn't near done so I told him to go outside and go.  YIKES.  Little did I know that pee meant POOP and sure enough that little boy went out on our front steps and laid it down.  Cortney looked outside and rob started saying "don't come out here"  "nothing is happening" things like that.  Cortney investigated further and realized that something WAS happening.  Poor Cort had to clean it all up.  Front porches are definitely not the place for a number two.  Luckily no one dropped by before it was cleaned up. 

Sunday, March 15, 2009


There are many great things about having Cortney around more right now. One of those things is he can teach my kids all the things that dads are supposed to teach their kids. Oliver got a bike 8 months ago for his birthday and has hardly ridden it because 1. we live somewhere where kids just can't ride their bikes everywhere they want. He can ride up and down our driveway and he rides it over to the neighbor's house when we all walk over there but that is the extent of his bike riding. It just hasn't been something that we have gone out and tried to teach him. With spring almost here and Cortney's plethora of time it seemed like the perfect time for him to learn to ride without his training wheels. Now just to toot my own kid's horn this little guy is so athletic...he was riding a razor scooter before his third birthday (and I mean going off jumps and things like that at the skate park)...but I never suspected he would learn to ride a bike in one afternoon. Man...I am still not very good at riding a bike...he definitely doesn't get his coordination from me.

Just a side note...I was not there for any of this. I was sleeping peacefully(well semi peacefully) on the couch in an empty house.

The afternoon started out with a little of this...

and this...
and this...

But soon he was riding one handed.

I love the look of triumph both of my kids have in this picture.

And soon he was showing off for the camera. He loves it and it is all he can think of right now. I really wish he had a pack of friends to ride around with like I had when I was little.

Rob gets pretty bored when they go...but I can't convince him to stay home. I love this outfit Cortney put him in...church pants...hahaa. I am just so thankful he is dressed though...let me tell you.

Rob just watched for a while.

Then it was on to a little community service, cleaning up the church parking lot.

He sure is an adorable little boy.

Anyways...I guess Oliver has reached a big milestone. I know when I was little kids always talked about learning to ride a bike. I remember being a little embarrassed because I was pretty old. hahaa.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Oliver just came up to me and said...
"mom you would never want "bumpits" because you would never want your hair to look like that"
Me: "what?"
Oliver: "Kaeden's mom wears them every day to pick him up from school. You would never want your hair to look like that."

at this point I realize he is talking about a product that is in an infomercial...that makes your hair look like this...

Then he said "when you are sick you always wear your hair the same."

Hahahaa.  He is so funny.  It is funny to me that even my little boy realizes no one should ever rat their hair this much.  

He also keeps telling me that we need a gold envelope so we can send our gold in and get money. 

oh and p.s.
no offense to anyone who really likes really big hair...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


In case you've been wondering where I have been lately...
I didn't want to post about this but...it turns out it is encompassing every single aspect of my life...and I can't blog about anything without letting it out of the bag. So here it is...I am PREGNANT. Now most people in my life know this already. I mean come on...all it takes is one look at me and you know. I can't really hide anything when I am this sick. OHhhhh I am so sick. It is a good thing I forget just how sick I get or I am afraid Oliver would be our only child. I am only man...eight...weeks along. Which means I have only been sick two weeks...two weeks that I haven't felt like blogging. And it has felt like an eternity. Ohhh and on a side note...yes, that ugly blanket that I am sleeping with is for real. I have had that comforter since i was 15 or so. It is just so comfy. I finally realized a couple of years ago when I was wanting to take it with me on trips that I am a grown woman with a blankie. Yikes. It really is the perfect thickness and size though. So anyone that was ever in my room in highschool just might recognize it.
Because I have been so sick my kids...
look like a bunch of homeless kids. Seriously...take a look at that face and I think he wore this outfit for a week straight. Luckily we did take him for a hair cut last week so they both look a little better now.

I don't know why Rob was all about mean faces this day...but take a look at his hair. Oliver on the other hand, I am sure is wearing the same thing to school everyday. I actually told his teacher I was pregnant sick so she wouldn't think I was just crazy.

Now because I am so sick this is what Cortney looks like 99 percent of the time....
Rob is climbing on him non stop. I feel so bad for Cortney. He is really having to take care of us. Last night when he was making dinner I heard the boys say "not top ramen again". I honestly don't know what I would do without him. Everyday I have been sick I have wanted to blog about how helpful it has been to have him around. But of course how could I do that without letting everyone know just why he was helping me. He really is like a single stay at home mom right now and I really appreciate him.

So that is it. I am sick. So sick. But also so excited to have another kid someday. It has been four years since I have been pregnant. The kids are so stoaked...although every time I hear them say a prayer they say "bless mommy that she can get better". Anyways...that is where I've been....and I guess where I will be for the next 5 or so weeks (fingers crossed). Sorry if I don't post...but trust me it would be boring and...pretty depressing. Its late and night time is the best part of the day for me (SLEEP) so goodnight.

Monday, March 02, 2009

out of touch

I just squished my cellphone to pieces in my recliner. I didn't know a battery could get damaged that way. All last week I was waiting for minutes to call people and this week...no more cell phone. Sorry if I don't answer...but trust me I wish I could.

when it rains it pours...

Oh my goodness something crazy happened to us...last week on my birthday. Cortney got a call from the mechanic that was working on our Mazda Truck. It had been broken down for a while and we were just waiting until we could afford to get it fixed. Turns out luckily for us that it was an easy fix. Just a sensor that needed to be replaced, no big deal. But then on wednesday we got a call from the mechanic. He was charging the battery when all of the sudden he heard loud pop. The battery exploded and in turn started the whole truck on fire. He hurry and ran and tried to put out the fire. It took 4 fire extinguishers before he finally got it out. Then he had to call 911 ride an ambulance and spend 5 hours at the hospital for smoke inhalation. I am SOOOO grateful that he is okay. However the truck is totalled...
That rust spot above the wheel wasn't there before that is from the fire.

you can see here that every wire in the whole engine is melted.

Crazy right??? I mean that kind of thing just doesn't happen. We were all in shock but it should turn out okay. He had insurance that will pay us enough to get another little truck. It is sad because that truck was our wedding present. We have had it almost 10 years. We have a lot of memories in that thing. But...we have out grown it. This way the new truck Cortney gets will most likely have an extended cab so he can take the kids somewhere in it....it will also be four wheel drive which will definatly come in handy.

So goodbye little truck. We will sure miss you.