Wednesday, September 16, 2009

emperor of evil

Rob is dead set on being the "emperor of evil" for halloween. How does this happen? One year they are a cute bumblebee and the next thing you know they want this costume. He keeps saying that "this will scare gigi so bad". Poor grace he lives for scaring her. I don't know how to get him to change his mind. I almost had him talked into a candy corn costume (how he loves food)...but no such luck. I tried to show him the costumes on and he said they were all for babies. How do I tell him he is a baby. We will see what I end up working out with him. (I think I can get him to wear the ghost costume he wore last year if I let him have blood on his face.)

Oh by the way...tonight was the scripture dinner for Mutual and it turned out so awesome. I worked my fingers to the bone all day and it all paid off...I love it when that happens.


Melissa B. said...

Oh Boy! Isn't it sad when they won't be cute fluffy things anymore. I love the cozy animals costumes. I got really lucky and Bowen wanted to be Pablo from Backyardigans 2 years ago. That was the last of that. Last year her was Anakin, that wasn't so bad. We will see what this year brings.

Supercords said...

You know you're old (or don't have kids) when you have no idea who The Emperor of Evil is. Looks like a character from He-Man... which further dates myself.

ashleyboice said...

Shane...I too have no idea who the emperor of evil is... that is just the name of the costume he wants. He just saw it at target and picked the scariest one out. Crazy. I don't let him watch shows with characters that scary.