Tuesday, September 01, 2009

33 weeks and 2 days

Yes the two days do make a difference.

I had an appointment on Monday. I have only gained 2 pounds in the last 6 weeks which is a MAJOR record for me. I usually am packing on the pounds at this point. For some reason this pregnancy I just don't feel like there is room in my tummy for food. I am either STUFFED or starving...and I can fluctuate between the two in a matter of minutes. If I eat even the tiniest thing my food is just sitting in my throat waiting to come out anytime I bend over (beautiful I know).
I haven't taken hardly any pictures of myself pregnant. I don't know why...could be I never put makeup on...or also because Cortney hasn't been taking pictures lately. (he is OBSESSED with hunting right now) But I thought I would snap one with my computer tonight for the record. My belly still looks huge even though I only gained two pounds. It is getting harder to walk, run (yeah right), go up the stairs...find my phone when it is ringing before it goes to voicemail.

I love that I am in the final countdown. All of my baby clothes are sorted washed and put away. Today I washed the carseat cover, and all of my baby blankets. I still feel the need to nest but...I am so tubby that I can't do things as fast as I would like to. (you all should have seen me making the bunkbeds today...it was a sight).

Oliver keeps begging me to walk him to school to which I responded today..."oliver I can't I am just too fat"...his reply was "what are you talking about you are so skinny." What a good boy he is. I know I shouldn't say that I am fat, I rephrased it for him after saying "yes, I know I am not fat but the baby is so heavy in my stomach right now."

He is already complaining that he doesn't want to go to school. arghhhhhh.

Ohhh another thing. Cortney hunts every single morning before work. Last night as he was getting all of his stuff ready I saw him with slippers on and over the slippers he had wool socks . I guess his camo boots have been too loud...and he thought the slippers and socks would be quieter. He also thought he would step on less branches with slippers because he would be able to feel them before he stepped down all the way. It was so funny to see him practicing walking quietly. He is so crazy. I love it.


Earl Family said...

It's good to have an update of your life.

It makes me sick that you have only gained 2 pounds. Count your blessings. I gained 2 pounds last week.

Angelique said...

First of all, I need to come to your house because I don't recognize anything that is behind you. Second, you look so great. Your belly has popped out since I've seen you, love it.

Melissa B. said...

Is that your house? I need to come see you. You look great. Welcome to the big belly crowd. Cort is a funny guy!

lindsay>boo said...

You look great! You are on the downhill stretch!

angie said...

lookin good! and so impressed that things are ready and waiting for the baby...good job!