Monday, October 07, 2013

October 2nd week

The school had a fall festival and they had to do the monster mash.  I have only horrible pictures. 

Monster mash flash mob. 

Henry and I spend a lot of time like this.  Last night as he was going to bed he told me he wants to be just like me when he grows up.  He is my only Mamma's boy. 

Rob had his heart set on a green morph suit and spent his own money on it.  Here I am in one we ordered that was obviously too big for him.  Theo loved me wearing it. 

The boys got matching church ties.
Rob is growing so fast I can't keep him in pants!

We put henry into a little nook up stairs.  It is a cozy bedroom but he still prefers mom's floor.

Finally we got one that fit.  Hahaa. I had to convince Rob to wear shorts over the top because it wasn't modest like this. hahaa

with Cortney gone it seemed like moments like this were never ending.

Cort would come home usually for the weekend which mean we would get to go watch our cougars play. 

I waited in a long LONG line for this corndog.  It was worth it. 

More foot ball with oli.  His team made it to a championship game which was exciting.  Oli would always have lots of good tackles and sack's every game. He is a dang good player and one tough boy.

He's the one in the orange socks. 

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