Sunday, October 13, 2013

Henry and Fiona turn 4!

I am going to just add some pictures from last year.  This isn't going to be great but better than nothing. I am also trying to post date them…so I don't know if anyone will even see these.  

Sometime in October Cortney and I got to use Justin's tickets and go to a BYU game.  We had a great time.  I think I actually got to go to 3 games this season which really makes me happy.

 There is NOTHING more beautiful than this sight right here.  I love warm fall evening games. 

Fiona and Henry turned 4 on the 12, and 13th of October.  
 The boys playing with the gift from Grandma and Grandpa BOICE. 
 Nothing better than a package in the mail. 

 We celebrated at the skating rink.  It was pretty chaotic but the kids loved it. 

 The two babies were really hard. 

Carolina and Grace

 I found this jeep at Costco almost half off.  I couldn't resist.  
Henry doesn't love it but Theo sure does. 

Fiona and Henry's birthday was during fall break.  Cortney and I took our kids up to the cabin.  After a couple of days Cali and Joey met us up there.  WE LOVE when people come up to visit because without internet and TV having friends sure makes it funner. 

 Cali and I got a little reading in. Very little. 

We drank tons of hot chocolate, had hot dogs and fires.  I made breakfast burritos before hand and then heated them up on the grill.  They were so yummy to have on the chilly morning. 

 we got a hammock which the kids loved!!

A gorgeous drive up. 

We ate at cracker Barrel on the way up. 

It is crazy fitting all 14 of us in the cabin but amazingly everyone slept in a bed.  Here we are watching Napoleon Dynamite before bed. 

One funny part of this trip was the water was turned off for the winter the day before we got up there!!  We had to bring all of our washing water and drinking water.  Luckily it hadn't frozen yet so we were able to haul water from the lake to force flush the toilets.  It was quite the adventure. 

While we were up there Cortney locked our keys in our car.  Scofield is in the middle of nowhere.  THERE IS NO LOCKSMITH.  WE weren't sure what to do…and couldn't even get service to try to figure out what to do.  Joey was supposed to talk to a Temple president in New York as part of his Bishop duties and we couldn't leave for him to talk on the phone.  Luckily Cort and Joe were able to jimmy rig the door open and Joe was able to get 1 bar to talk to the temple president.  During this Cortney took Cali's car up a hill to get service to try and call our insurance and as he was coming back he was stuck behind hundreds of sheep on the road and he had to wait about 45 minutes for the sheep to move before he could come back.  We could see him far away and could see him stopped and in the middle of all the sheep.  It was an annoying morning.  But we had a great time. 

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