Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Henry boogie boarding

Cortney captured little Henry trying and trying to get the boogie board down to the ocean. It was the cutest thing and he worked for a long time at it. This was the second day we were there but he already knew what to do.

this one is my favorite

he got it down here and realized it was too shallow still so he picked it back up...

Finally he got it where he wanted it and he would sit there on it. So cute.

Mexico part one

So we decided to leave for our trip right after church (it gets out at 4:00). I was in charge of Sharing time and KaeLynn brought me over the visual aids she used in her same sharing time. Man was I grateful for that. They were awesome. When church finished our car was all packed up and ready to go. We changed our clothes and were on the road in 30 minutes. It was awesome. Cortney and I have never made the drive to Arizona (I have a million times but not as an adult). We drove and drove. The older boys went promptly to sleep and slept the whole way without even a peep. Henry on the other hand just sat there saying "Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom" over and over again. It was driving me crazy. He wasn't horrible but he wasn't that great either. He wanted me sitting in the chair next to him and then he would be just fine. I don't usually cater so much to my babies but since he was so out of it and it was in the middle of the night I gave in to him. We finally made it to Joey's parents house in Phoenix at 3 in the morning. Once we got there Henry was giddy with excitment and wouldn't go to sleep until 4:40 am. It was one of the longest nights of my life. Not a great way to start off a vacation.

Then next morning I was up around 8 (7 arizona time) I wasn't thrilled with my 3 hours of sleep. Cali and I took all of our kids over to her sister Natalie's house so that Cortney could sleep in. He slept past 1:00 I couldn't believe it.

Once he woke up Natalie watched our kids while we met Cannon and Tiff (Joey's cousins) at a restaurant called Gecko Grill. Cannon ordered a shrimp burro for me and it was ABSOLUTELY to die for. Filled with shrimp, cream cheese, pineapple...and a delicious green sauce. Cort got a carne asada quesodilla...filled with avocado. Yum.

Once we were home the boys all left to a Diamondback's game. It was a little too long for Rob, but the next day he thought it was the funnest thing ever. They even got on the jumbotron 3 times. I was glad for them to go.

Two really horrible pictures of the boys at the game.

Cortney realized he didn't pack any shorts (of course...he is the worst packer ever...he had tons of fishing stuff, wetsuits, and stuff like that but no clothes). I went to walmart and picked him up a pair of shorts. Funny guy.

Tuesday morning we woke up bright and early and made our way to Rocky Point. The drive was beautiful...and felt totally safe. I was a little nervous because I have done tons of border crossings in my life...however this one was super low key. We didn't even have to get out of the car. Cali and Joey however got the red light and their car was searched but it was still really easy.

We got to the house around 1:30, and Jeff and Jen got started making lunch (delish). Then we suited up and headed down the ocean. Oh my the ocean...where do I even start??

The beach in Puerto Penasco is so awesome. Shallow, with little waves. The water is clean, and turquoise. Every day the tide comes in and out twice. So at times the water would be up to the stairs at the back of the house, and then 6 hours later it would be 300 yards out. When the water would go out it would create tide pools...tide pools filled with shells. They would be about 6 inches to a foot deep and would warm up from the sun. It was awesome. The babies and the big kids would play in them for hours. Almost all of the kids found full sand the kind you buy in a store. I have never been to a beach with this many shells.

Here are the kids playing in the late afternoon of the first day. The tide was coming in and leaving them "stranded" on little islands. They loved it.

For dinner we had Taco salad, with strawberries. Yum. All of the food was so good.

Then we went into town to shop for our meals. I couldn't stop smiling. I love Mexico, and it's people so much. It was all so familiar to me.

The house we stayed in had 5 beautiful bedrooms with their own baths. Ours was one of the best I think because it was so quiet and secluded. We all slept SO good the whole time including Henry.

Cortney took 800 amazing pictures so this post is going to come in stages and be very long. That is it for part one.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


We are back safe and sound...and had the best time ever. Seriously. I will post soon...and in the meanwhile isn't this picture of Henry...TO DIE FOR??

Friday, April 08, 2011

My boys and their school.

This year at school has been such a great one for my boys. They both have such amazing teachers...which really helps. Robbie has been doing so much better since the new year started. I find it hard to believe but I think getting his adenoids and tonsils out has really helped. Either that or he has just started being better behaved. The other day I was thinking about how long it has been since I have had an incident with him where I have to physically restrain him, or take him somewhere or something like that. For a while there I was praying everyday that I would know what to do with him...and slowly he has gotten better. Almost where you don't realized it happened. He gets in trouble sometimes still at school (like the other day he kept going out in the hall)...but his teachers aren't tracking his behavior everyday with smiley faces like before. YAY for that.

On Thursdays and Fridays when we don't have to drive his friend home from school I try to take him to lunch in the cafeteria. He loves it. He always begs me to go and is so happy when we can.

Here he is today at lunch. He always eats almost every bite of his food he loves it so much. It makes me so proud. Today he had an orange, peaches, a pear, a salad, graham crackers and a turkey sandwhich...oh and a chocolate milk. He ate almost everything too. Such a good deal when your kids eat all the food. Oh Oliver always comes and sits by us too. It is fun for the 4 (sometimes 3 because a lot of the time Cali takes Henry for me) of us to eat lunch together.

A couple of weeks ago Oliver was awarded with the Geneva Giant of the week award (for the second time this year)...although when I saw what the award was for I was a little worried....

I don't know if "highly entertaining" is exactly what I am going for here...hahaha. Although I know I would have been thrilled to get this award when I was a kid...heck I would love to get this award now. Oliver said it is because he is like the funniest kid in his class. :) I told him I wanted him to be smart and funny...and he said that he is smart too...

I loved everyone's recommendations for Utah vacation spots. I can't wait to go all those places. That is something Cortney and I are going to work on more...visiting the places that make living in Utah great. (My kids haven't ever been to temple square....I am embarrassed to even type that.) Yikes...we really need to do more as a family. (we are together every second but just hanging out relaxing...walking around the neighborhood...things like that)

We really were torn on where we should go...but then a friend of a friend (Cali and Joey's friends to be exact) had a free place we could go in ROCKY POINT, MEXICO...they are going with their 2 kids, and Cali and Joey with their kids, and also a couple of our other friends...but the house is 5000 square feet and they said there would be plenty of room for us to come too. All we would need to do is drive the 14 hours to get there (yeah thats pretty far). I was having some anxiety about making the trip (can we even afford the gas to get there???)...but we are in...we are leaving Sunday after church. I can't wait. The kids are so excited. It is going to be so fun. Rocky point is only something like 40 miles into mexico...and out in the boondocks so it is supposed to be safe. Samantha however said she hopes we aren't beheaded or dipped in acid by some drug lords on our way down. I think we will be okay. Fingers crossed.

Here is a map of where it is...see there at the top left corner...Puerto Penasco also known as Rocky point.

The house is right on the Sea of Cortez

Here is a picture of the house from the ocean. Pretty awesome right??? Totally worth a 14 hour drive and the threat of being dipped in acid.

We can't wait.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Just what I needed.

On Friday I was feeling a little down. I have a great life. Every day I feel blessed, happy, and full. I really mean that. is stressful right now. Usually I am fine. I just have faith that everything will work out...and usually that is enough. But if I really start to think about my life and the can be a little overwhelming. It is a scary world...and every once in a while that gets me down. My dad gave me a little pep talk...and that really helped. He knows me...he knows exactly what to say. Then Saturday Conference started. It was just what I needed. Talk about refreshing. It is one of my favorite weekends of the year. I loved every second of it.

I also should mention I have been feeling so much better. Not all the way, but better. Meds are awesome. Really.

Henry loves being outside...he cries all day to go out. We have been wanting to put a fence across our driveway since we moved here. I found an old fence on ksl for 20 bucks. So saturday morning (before sessions) Cortney got started on getting that done. I can't wait until it is done...Henry's going to love playing out there.
Cortney borrowed the necessary tools and jack hammered our drive way up. Do you know what it is like to have a husband that can fix just about anything?? I do. It is awesome. That boy can do anything...and let me tell you it has got to save us so much money.

Here is the fence we got. Pretty good for 20 bucks huh? It is old and used but it will work. That baby won't be able to get out to the street this summer...yay!

Henry only eats go gurts and gold fish. Naughty baby. (I have been vacuuming up gold fish non stop) They need to be up higher in the kitchen so he doesn't keep pulling them down, and then pouring them on the carpet. you have a mother??

So as I was up going to the bathroom at like 5 a.m. (which is the worst)...and I noticed it snowed. Boy did it. I couldn't believe was like 65 degrees on friday. It snowed all day on and off.

My boys "watching" conference.

Henry feeding Robbie.

Proof that I was there...look at my cute little toes. Also Oliver feeding Henry.

Tired Cortney.

We had a great day...filled with inspiration and food. After the first session Cortney let me take a pretty long nap. It was awesome. Then after second session we headed over to Justin and Angelique's for Justin's b-day dinner. WOW. I ate myself sick. Pulled pork sandwiches and Angelique made Kneader's bread pudding. It was INSANELY delicious.

Just what I needed...
1. A weekend filled with inspiration
2. A fully fenced back yard
3. A long nap.
4. Dinner with my family.

What a great weekend.

One last thing...Spring break is coming up and we have no place to go. We are looking for a cheap place to go (read camp) for the kids spring break...somewhere 5 hours away max. Cortney and I haven't been anywhere around Utah and think we will give it a try. So I turn to you my loyal readers...and ask where we should go. What awesome places are there to go around here?