Sunday, April 03, 2011

Just what I needed.

On Friday I was feeling a little down. I have a great life. Every day I feel blessed, happy, and full. I really mean that. is stressful right now. Usually I am fine. I just have faith that everything will work out...and usually that is enough. But if I really start to think about my life and the can be a little overwhelming. It is a scary world...and every once in a while that gets me down. My dad gave me a little pep talk...and that really helped. He knows me...he knows exactly what to say. Then Saturday Conference started. It was just what I needed. Talk about refreshing. It is one of my favorite weekends of the year. I loved every second of it.

I also should mention I have been feeling so much better. Not all the way, but better. Meds are awesome. Really.

Henry loves being outside...he cries all day to go out. We have been wanting to put a fence across our driveway since we moved here. I found an old fence on ksl for 20 bucks. So saturday morning (before sessions) Cortney got started on getting that done. I can't wait until it is done...Henry's going to love playing out there.
Cortney borrowed the necessary tools and jack hammered our drive way up. Do you know what it is like to have a husband that can fix just about anything?? I do. It is awesome. That boy can do anything...and let me tell you it has got to save us so much money.

Here is the fence we got. Pretty good for 20 bucks huh? It is old and used but it will work. That baby won't be able to get out to the street this summer...yay!

Henry only eats go gurts and gold fish. Naughty baby. (I have been vacuuming up gold fish non stop) They need to be up higher in the kitchen so he doesn't keep pulling them down, and then pouring them on the carpet. you have a mother??

So as I was up going to the bathroom at like 5 a.m. (which is the worst)...and I noticed it snowed. Boy did it. I couldn't believe was like 65 degrees on friday. It snowed all day on and off.

My boys "watching" conference.

Henry feeding Robbie.

Proof that I was there...look at my cute little toes. Also Oliver feeding Henry.

Tired Cortney.

We had a great day...filled with inspiration and food. After the first session Cortney let me take a pretty long nap. It was awesome. Then after second session we headed over to Justin and Angelique's for Justin's b-day dinner. WOW. I ate myself sick. Pulled pork sandwiches and Angelique made Kneader's bread pudding. It was INSANELY delicious.

Just what I needed...
1. A weekend filled with inspiration
2. A fully fenced back yard
3. A long nap.
4. Dinner with my family.

What a great weekend.

One last thing...Spring break is coming up and we have no place to go. We are looking for a cheap place to go (read camp) for the kids spring break...somewhere 5 hours away max. Cortney and I haven't been anywhere around Utah and think we will give it a try. So I turn to you my loyal readers...and ask where we should go. What awesome places are there to go around here?


Samantha said...

Oh man i wish I lived closer because we would be the perfect place to visit. Cort and the boys would love it here.

And I want a dad pep talk. I'll have to call him.

Sherry Ward said...

Mesa Verde is AMAZING!!!! I am dying yo go back. They have insane Indian Ruins.

Kacey Nielsen said...

You are always welcome in Vegas! i have a guest room and the occasional deal to a free show or two. Plus, half the stuff worth seeing here is free. And, it is definitely NOT snowing here. it was like 90 degrees last week. If it is next week, we will be gone for half the time anyway, you'll have the place to yourselves!

Just saying...

Gords said...

We're going to Moab for a marathon and some camping for spring break. It's usually nice down there.

nicole boice said...

i swear reno only takes 4 1/2 hours in good weather :) i ight be able to throw in a buffet with a babysitter also. i need an ashley pep talk something fierce. i always tell my sister that. you just have such a good clear perspective... while at the same tie you never discount feelings. that is so rare, you are so wise. i'm being mushy, but i love you. and i miss you. and you know i love me some henry pictures, so thanks for those :)

bBchronicles said...

It amazes me HOW Cort is 'so up for the job'! GATES = heaven! Love Conference weekend and the FAMILY TIME that comes with it! GREAT MEMORIES for me - you're creating your very own!!! That HENRY - what a dude - love ALL those boys !!!!!!! Gives me the warm and fuzzies!

Christensen's said...

I am jealous! I want a fence. You should go somewhere warm. Sounds fun!

scrambled brains said...

Capitol Reef is one of our favorite places: BEAUTIFUL and only 3 hours away. Check it out

Fenton Clan said...

There is always Goblin Valley, but thats more of a day trip or Zions :)

Angelique said...

Cortney is amazing...he knows how to do everything.

Hope you find a fun place to go!

Earl Family said...

Come to Oakley with me :)