Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Formula woes

This is how I sat a lot of the day...Henry must not be feeling good and wanted me the whole entire day.

Poor Henry.

This formula thing has been a roller coaster ride for both of us (of course...it can't just be simple)

We have tried many different kinds of formula...

some make him projectile vomit, others give him diarrhea and a bloody bottom.

Last night we started a target brand (yes he does differently on different brands) with added rice. He slept 8 hours straight and no more bloody diaper rash. Today though he hasn't slept the whole day...I don't know what is going on.

When you have a newborn you seriously spend your whole day wondering. Wondering what is wrong...or what is causing them to fuss, or be constipated, or whatever. Just a lot of wondering. I had forgotten.

I think this new formula will work for him (fingers crossed) he is even spitting up less. In the meantime I am exhausted.

I keep having tons to post and then I just don't I really need to get back on track.


Kacey Nielsen said...

It is such a guessing game!

Rhode was a huge spitter upper and struggled with tons of formulas. The only one he could use was the orange Similac, its the only one that doesn't have soy. Might be worth a try if he keeps having a hard time! Good luck!

Adri said...

Store brands are cheaper too....so that's a good thing! :) Hope you figure it out. Newborns are so hard...but it goes by quickly!

Angelique said...

I feel like I am doing the same thing. Just holding Dougie all day and trying to figure out what to feed him--formula, breast milk or some new food for him to try or another food that he has tried a couple of times but isn't quite used to. His choice is breast milk except I don't have a ton only for morning and night maybe and even then he isn't full, he still has to have the formula so he just sits on my lap and looks at me like, "why aren't you nursing me?" and then cries a little. It's really is so hard sometimes to keep trying different things.

Hopefully, this new one works for Henry..he sure looks cute in that picture.

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Love you Thanks for the post.

Christensen's said...

Poor babies. I am sure they just wish we could read their minds!

lanita said...

Formula was supposed to be EASIER on him, right? I'm sorry Ash. Hang in there!

Camille said...

Almost all the babies on my side of the family have similar woes- and almost all have had a dairy allergy- at least half of the cousins! Good luck. How frustrating- especially 'cuz the non-dairy formulas and the non-soy ones are so pricey!
My niece uses some sort of rice milk formula that you find in specialty stores- if you want the info., I can get it for you.