Monday, February 01, 2010

family skate night

well Cort posted these on his blog too...but I thought they were just so beautiful I couldn't let him have them i posted them all exactly the same. whoops hahaa.

Tonight Oliver's elementary school had a free skating night. Last time Cortney took just Oliver but this time we decided to be brave and take all the kiddos. Rob tried skates for about 1 minute. He thought it was too scary and didn't want to try and learn. So he sat next to me most of the night. Cortney ordered two nachos and Rob said to me "I wish I could eat all these nachos" I told him his wish could come true...he really did almost eat both orders.

Oliver's athleticism never ceases to amaze me. There is almost nothing he can't do...with a little practice. That boy was skating around so fast I couldn't believe it.

Henry and I sat and watched...even though we didn't skate it was fun to be all together as a family.

Cortney bladed all around and also pushed rob while he just stood on the scooter...Cortney is such a good dad. I tried to get a picture of them together but they were going too fast. some beautiful pictures of a pretty gross roller skating rink.

p.s. My first date was roller skating. How romantic huh?

Me eating nachos and chillin

hens shocked

We had a great night. THANK goodness for Cortney and that I didn't have to put on a pair of skates...that would be a nightmare.


Scott & Tami said...

What little S.T.U.D.s you have!!!!

Angelique said...

As always great pics...

Oliver seems so fearless out there. I think that's awesome.

Roller skating seems so much harder to me than roller time you can borrow my blades. (Yes, I do have some in my closet and they are sweet. I'm being serious.)

angie said...

oh man, roller skating...classic!!

i went a few years ago...and it hurt my legs like crazy. I guess i'm getting old.

Christensen's said...

Thanks for helping us out with the skates for Kempton. We didn't end up using them either so I was glad I didn't pay for them. I need Kempton to come hang out with Oliver so he can pick up on some of his skills!

Jonna said...

Hi Ashley,
You really don't know me, but I know Cort and family. We lived next door to them for years. I clicked on your blog today, and I'm glad I did. I scrolled down and read the post about Nursing with RA.

I could certainly relate to your feelings of worry during your pregnancy, because of the medications you needed to take. My daughter Shan, recently had a sweet baby girl, and we too worried like crazy throughout that entire pregnancy. She has epilepsy, and it requires medication at enormous amounts taken 3 times a day. Would this little one be normal, since the Doctors did not want her to go off any meds during her pregnancy?

Well, to make a long story short, we do have a normal, healthy miracle baby that we love to pieces, and feel so blessed that everything is o.k.

As for the nursing part, I have four beautiful daughters, and I only nursed one of those daughters. She happends to be the one with the epilepsy and the medical problems. I feel sure that everyone of my girls knew without a shadow of a doubt that they were loved the same way. As long as you are holding that little one close while just doesn't matter. That's My opinion, and I'm sticking to it!

We love your family (Berta & Bob and all the kids. My girls grew up with Cort and Whit and Heather, Tyler, Griff....and all the Boice Clan.

I do hope that your RA will be minimal, and that the Dr.s will continue progressing in your treatment as well as with seizure control for my Shan.
Love, Jonna