Tuesday, June 23, 2009

cali's gone

So Cali is gone at girls camp. She left this morning. Pheeewww...I am sure glad the place my Young Women go to camp doesn't allow any pregnant women. Anyways...I am watching her kids during the day while she is gone. Today I decided I would try to keep them as busy as possible to keep them out of trouble.

I knew that my neighbor and friend Sarah was supposed to be going to the park for play group so I decided I would pack up a huge lunch and take the kids. Little did I know that there are reflection pools that the kids can wade in...so I didn't take any swimsuits but man they still had the best time.

We had a really great time.  The pools were cold but shallow enough for everyone to have fun without me having to worry.

Even tyson loved it...which is always a feat.  It has been hard having one kid that is kinda grown up.  There isn't much that he AND Grace like doing.

These boys had swimsuits on already because when we left to the park they had been trying to sneak over to the neighbors house to have a water fight.  Those rats. 

It was fun going with my neighbor we had 9 kids between the two of us. 

Grace loved it

After we were done in the pools grace was so tired.  She kept trying to lay down on my lap and drink her baba.  She is a cutie. 


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Great post! LOVE MOM

Supercords said...

Weren't you going to wean that kid off the bottle like 6 months ago?!?! :)

Earl Family said...

What? Where is this place? I would love to take my kiddo's there. Sorry Cali is gone. If you need a "sister" fix, I'd love to hang out. We are going to Discovery Park (never been) Friday morning if you want to tag along. Let me know!