Monday, June 29, 2009

The big ten Oh

So Cortney and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary on the 19th.  It was an interesting anniversary.  We had decided to go to dinner on Thursday the night before our actual anniversary.  I hate waiting for a table and where we live on a friday you have to wait no matter where you go.  So on Thursday as it was getting evening time...Cali and I found out that the kids (ROB and CC) had painted all over one of her bedrooms with black acrylic paint.  So Cali and I spent around three hours TRYING to clean that mess up.  It was horrible.  

Finally Cortney and I just went to dinner.  We ate at PF Changs because Cortney had bought a gift card for half off.  It was (which I love) and Cortney and I got to pick whatever we wanted off of the menu.  

Cortney really is my best friend. I can't believe we have been married 10 years.  It feels like yesterday.  Life is flying by.   

On our actual anniversary we headed up camping with a bunch of Cortney's boyfriends from Rexburg.  We camped at the most beautiful secluded spot I have ever seen around these parts.  It was a really fun time.  I had to pee 4 times in the night so that was annoying...and because of that I didn't sleep much but it was still great to get out in the great outdoors.  

Right when we got there Rob kept begging cort to go hiking.  So the guys took the kids for a little walk to the river (read little creek).  Cortney was talking to his friends and turned around to see that Rob had fallen in flat on his back and was completely covered in water from head to toe.  He was just laying there in the river completely frozen in fear.  Luckily I brought all new clothes for him.  

Oddly enough we didn't take any pictures the whole time.  I snapped a couple random shots as we were heading home saturday morning (we got rained out surprise surprise)
Typical Boice family picture.  Rob refused to be in it.  He hates getting his picture taken.
Cortney and his friends Kurt and Ben. 

Crappy pictures are better then none I guess.  Here is a blurry one of Rob just to prove he was actually there.  

And of Cortney packing up.  He had to carry a lot of stuff to the car and it was kinda far.  Luckily he is so buff. 


nicole boice said...

A- i'm so glad you're posting again
B- you look BEAUTIFUL in that top pic of you and oli on the last post
C- i'm real excited to hang out

See you soon!

lanita said...

Congrats on TEN years! Isn't it nuts how fast time has gone by? Glad you guys got to celebrate (minus the scrubbing of marker!).