Sunday, May 18, 2014

Aspen Fun Run

The school had a fun run fundraiser this month and we all went to run a mile (I am way too out of shape to do the 5k).  It was a fun day.  I ran 1/2 mile with the two babies and Cort and then waited for the other kids to come across the finish line.   Jack did the 5k and I was proud to see him finish too. 

 Run Cort run. hahaa 
Afterwards Cortney and I checked Oliver out of school let him watch the sleeping babies and went out for a little Thai food with Cort.  It was raining like crazy and freezing cold and it was fun and so cozy to go for some spicy curry with my love.  Totally worth having Oli miss the last couple of house of school. 


Christy Hansen said...

Looks like fun! Miss you guys!

Christensen's said...

Look how cute you are with all your boys!