Saturday, February 22, 2014

family pictures

Soooooo I haven't blogged in forever.  I am going going to recommit to this old thing but in the meantime I thought i would post some pictures from our family photo shoot.  Cortney was on DEATH'S DOOR the day we took these.  So we literally took like 8 shots.  Better than nothing.  

 Dexter, Angelique, Miracle Marion, Justin, and Dougie

 Mike, Allie, and Nora

 Owen, Kyle, Lucy, Sam, Josie, Kate

 Fiona, Joey, Carolina, Jack, Grace, Cali, Willie Mays, Tyson

Theo, Cort, Oliver, ME, Robert, Henry 

Back row, Brooklyn and Zachary
Front Abigail, Stella, KaeLynn, Jason, and Eliza

I love my family so much. 


Angie said...

these all turned out so cute!! I love family pictures.

duke of earl said...
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Angelique said...

ohhhh...little Meems crying in the grandchildren picture...I should have worked with her for a second. Poor thing.

Even on his death bed Cort is awesome at making us look good. :)
Thanks, Cortney and Ash for doing this. Pictures are hard work.

*ethan* said...

ASH! i'm so happy to see a new post. i missed seeing updates on your family. i just started using the blogger app and have been uploading pics straight from my phone to better keep up with my blog. i have missed having a record of what's going on.

your family is huge! and i love the one of you and cort and the boys. you are so pretty.

*ethan* said...

ps...that was me, NAT