Friday, December 18, 2009

this sucks...

had to break out my fat pants today.

It is ridiculous how chubby I get when I am nursing. The day I had the baby I was my pre-pregnancy I weigh 9 lbs more. HELLO. That is crazy. I am honestly a bottomless pit when I am nursing...thankfully I can only nurse one more month. Then I have to start on my RA medications.

All I think about is Chili's two for $20 deal. Hmmmm. That sounds good doesn't it? the way, I guess another reason I am gaining weight (besides the 3 desserts I am baking and eating every day) is that I am on a pretty high dose of steroids right now...maybe that explains my roid rage too. hahaa.

I wish I had a awesome picture to post but I don't. Time is zipping past and I just can't get caught up.

Four days ago I realized I hadn't bought anything for Christmas yet. But now I think I am getting closer to being done. Plus I did my visiting teaching today (yay) and that is always a big relief. Neighbor gifts were baked today, now I just need to finish the tags. Oh...and I was late picking up Oliver from school today, the office had to call to tell me to come get him....CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?? How embarrassing. I really feel like having this baby took all of my brain cells. I have never been that great without sleep...that must be it.

Anyways...just a random post.


Hansens said...

When you have more than 2 kids these things are a regular happening. Don't feel too bad, I think mostly everyone has had to be called by the office because of this.

And....I told you the other night, you look great! Steroids will do this to you. But you look great anyway :-)

Scott & Tami said...

Yes, lack of sleep does crazy things to moms with new babies...or just with moms with lack of sleep. I'm a whole other person when I don't get sleep!!!!

Christensen's said...

You still look fabulous and beautiful! Most people would die to look like you...seriously! I need to come over before you leave. I guess we will see you tonight!

Cindy said...

Ah. I remember those days! Part of this is the 'new' normal, and the rest of it will fade away before you realize it. Don't wish any of it away too fast. You are amazing to get all that shopping and baking done in 4 days!!!! Send me some of your energy!!!

Kimmy said...

Aaron and I always get sucked in to those restaurant deals and coupons. They make it way too easy! You look great, seriously. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

and what you have there is a good case of momnesia, i had a real bad case of it up until bodi turned 2! im sad i dont get to meet henry on christmas, when are you guys coming up?