Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fat Rob...again

We gave Robbie a teething biscuit to eat while we shopped he ate the entire thing and was so sad after it was gone. After he cried a little over it he fell asleep too tired from all the pigging out his carseat is a mess!

Goodbye sweet NUTSI

Here is my baby on his way to the Provo river to throw out his nutsies he got a gun, sword and megaphone in exchange

Oliver really wasn't too sure that he wanted to throw this yellow nutsi in the river. He had a whole baggie full to throw and had to taste each one before it went

You can see the last nutsi in the air what a bittersweet day

Fat Rob

Monday, May 22, 2006

The family on Mothers Day with a plate I made for Roberta

This is our family in Cortney's 72 International scout we go all over town in it. We look super getto driving around in it but it is so much fun. We did run out of gas and had to wait for Jared Palenske to come bring us gas.

Cute chunky Robbie 6 months old