Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Rexburg was covered in snow when we got there and the kids wanted to go right out and play in it. It was like -20 outside so Cortney showed Robbie a online picture of frostbite. BIG MISTAKE. He was trying to tell him why it was too cold to go out but it backfired because now he is scared of getting "snowbite". Today when I picked him up from school he was complaining that I didn't send him with gloves so he got snowbite on recess....and they are going to have to cut his finger off. I am sure he was totally bugging his teachers about it. Anyways, we finally let the boys out around noon. Grandpa and Grandma said they would pay the boys a dollar if they cleaned off the tramp. I have never seen the boys work so hard (WHICH isn't saying MUCH)...they were out there forever.

On Friday Cortney took the two boys down to his brother's racquet ball club (yeah his brother owns the racquet ball club in town) and they played down there for hours, Carter and Bodin were down there playing with them too. Henry and I just hung out with Whit, Morgan and Roberta and had a great indoor girls day.

Saturday he headed up to Ashton to visit Brian and their kids and go sledding and snow mobiling. We really wanted to head home and beat the storm but our kids threw a hissy fit and we knew we had to stay. Brian was so nice to get them rides for the whole day. The kids had a blast. Oliver said "I really wish we could be their neighbor".

Oliver and Max.
Oliver doing a flip of some sort.


Another flip.

Brian Robbie and Kelton...I love how happy Robbie looks in all of these.

Look at that little smile...doesn't that kill you? That is true happiness.

Oliver and Carson

Robbie and Kelton

Mmmmm I love those little lips.

A little while later Rob was sledding down the hill and Oliver was snowboarding and Oliver stopped in front of Rob and Rob crashed into Olivers snowboard with his face. Cortney was watching from up above and he just thought, "Rob's whole face is going to need stitches...I bet it is sliced all the way open"...LUCKILY robs face some how just grazed the snowboard and he just got a HUGE bloody nose and a bad scrape across his nose and mouth...more like a rug burn. It has scabbed up now. Cort said there was blood everywhere.
While they were gone I sat around and read. Then when they got back we watched the BYU Utah game recorded. I felt like someone PUNCHED me in the stomach. I had to go and sit in my room after it was over. Boooooo That is all I can say about it.

This is pretty exciting

Henry Walkie from ashley boice on Vimeo.

Henry has started taking a couple of steps. He mostly does it on his own when no one is watching. This started over the weekend. It is so cute.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Pheeewww I took a long break.

My mom emailed me this morning that I needed to post. It is so hard for me to get back into blogging even if I take a week break. I don't know why that is. But this post is for you mom...I will load it with pictures and everything.

We just got back last night from Thanksgiving in Rexburg. We left Wednesday around 11 and it took forever to get there. The roads were horrible. We drove there and back in storms. Luckily Cortney is such a good driver and we were able to make it there safely. It is always nice to go "home" to Rexburg and especially fun this time because of all the snow. It was NEGATIVE 16 degrees when we pulled into town.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Shawn and Kandee's. They had everything looking so good...and the food was of course delicious.

The kids table...with paper to draw on.

My niece Morgan is pretty awesome. So grown up too...where have the years gone??
We are really lacking girls in the Boice family...I hope to rectify that on my next pregnancy.

Henners spent the night in his seat at the counter. He is one happy baby...even with a horrible cold.

The hostess with the mostess.

proof that I was there...and proof that I wasn't helping I guess. hahaa


What am I thankful for?? SLEEP.

Henry learned a new trick this week (he and Fiona both)...he can go down the stairs backwards. I didn't even teach him either...one day he was just downstairs. hahaa.

Horrible picture of me but also what I love about Thanksgiving. Sitting around talking feeling warm and cozy. It was a great day.
(PLUS it was the ONLY time I even left the house...seriously...how crazy is that??)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I know I have already posted about chubby's but yesterday I took Rob to the doctor. He is having his adenoids out on December 7th...so he was having his final appointment before the surgery. I told him I would take him to chubby's if he was good.

I had to get out a paper and write down what he was saying it was so funny...

Rob loves food.

He couldn't believe how good their fries were. We also split a Reuben and a side of baked beans. When I gave him a bite of the beans his eyes rolled back and he said in disbelief..."Everything here is so good...whoever Chubby is he is a genius!" Then he went on to say stuff like,

"this is so darn delicious"

"Maybe Heaven helped them cook it...Heavenly Father really did."

At the end he said he wanted to find Chubby and get his autograph. hahahaa. He was cracking me up the whole time.

On a totally different subject Oliver got two stitches on his forehead on Thursday night. He was wrestling around with his cousins and he fell back and his head hit the door knob. He didn't want me to see so he cleaned his head up with a bunch of toilet paper. Jack was pretty freaked so he told me. By that point it was pretty much done bleeding but you could see just a round deep hole in his head and it looked pretty deep. He and I headed to the instacare and we were there about 2 hours. He started out pretty scared but decided it wasn't bad at all later. Brave boy didn't move a muscle while he was getting stitched.

Thats all.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Robbie's big day.


First I want to say that I have been laid out flat on my back for a week. I can't believe how much Cortney has helped me. I am really thankful for him.

Rob's birthday was really important to him this year. Everyone that called or came by he just figured it was for him. Even at the grocery store he had to tell everyone we saw.

My Grandma Jones (aha) had sent him a package that he got the week before. He carried that box with him EVERYWHERE. It was covered in pizza and drawings by the time his birthday arrived. He was able to open it on his birthday before school...it was a bubble sword (pretty cool...and right up rob's alley)...I think it was his favorite thing just because it came in the mail for him. Thanks Grandma!!!

I picked up some spiderman cupcakes for school...and then we went to lunch at the school after his class was over.

Then we went to the store to pick out some cupcakes. He picked team Edward and team Jacob cupcakes and wouldn't budge on his choice. I told him it was Twilight and he said "who cares".

We had the cupcakes in the cart but then we saw this beauty...
This cake was 66% off because one of the cookie teeth was squished. It was 6 bucks. He loved it and was so excited...I love it when a plan comes together.

They put his name on top...for free...and although I know I could do a better job with the name writing Rob thought it was awesome.

I really didn't want to do a party but we were already going over to Cali's for survivor night so I just combined a party into that. Easy peasy....well it wasn't that easy especially since my neck was hurting so bad. But at least it was over with.

Del taco for dinner.


Rob loves LOVES glow sticks. We happened to have a billion left over from Halloween last year (thanks mom)...so we put them to use for the party.

The theme was sneaky NINJA's

Oliver jumping...

The kids minus Rob I have no idea where he was at this point.

This is what they actually looked like all night.

Rob picked the streamer color and the balloons...I tried to tell him ninja colors are red and black but he wasn't going for it.

Cali and I didn't blow up one balloon He and CC blew up ALL of the balloons. It was pretty crazy.

disclaimer I look horrible...but that is true life...what I look like when my neck is thrown out.

We started the ninja night out with a treasure hunt.

Ty reading the clue...

Rob finding a clue...this was tricky because he would get sad if he didn't find it...

The kids kept getting freaked out (the little ones) thus Rob holding Cortney's hand.

the loot was outside up the hill in the pitch black dark. I carried Gigi and held cc's hands. Gigi kept chanting to herself that she wasn't scared cause she's a ninja. Cute.

Rob is awesome because he LOVES presents and gives the BEST reactions ever. I gave him a bunch of stuff from the dollar section at target and he would freak out for every single thing.

dollar pens...

Poor Henry is sick right now...and trying to get the keyboard as I type.

Markers from Cali.

squeeze cheese he has been asking for this all year.

It was a great but exhausting night. By the end of it my neck was killing me and I was OUT OUT of it. But I am glad it is over and I sure love my little 5 year old.


From Gma and Gpa Earl in Spain a big bakugon...the kids couldn't believe it came all the way from spain (via my shopping cart and target) and were trying to see if it had Chinese writing on it because of course that is what they speak in spain.

From Cali...Smelly markers

From Gma Aha...bubble sword.

From mom and dad...Slinkys, Moon Dough, Some toy that you shoot discs in the air and catch them.